Catalyst::Controller::REST - A RESTful controller River stage two • 28 direct dependents • 63 total dependents

Catalyst::Controller::REST implements a mechanism for building RESTful services in Catalyst. It does this by extending the normal Catalyst dispatch mechanism to allow for different subroutines to be called based on the HTTP Method requested, while al...

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-Action-REST-1.21 - 05 Dec 2017 15:16:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::REST - Provides a REST interface to DBIx::Class River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

Provides a REST style API interface to the functionality described in Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API. By default provides the following endpoints: $base (operates on lists of objects and accepts GET, PUT, POST and DELETE) $base/[identifier] (operate...

ABRAXXA/Catalyst-Controller-DBIC-API-2.007002 - 02 Aug 2018 19:58:25 GMT - Search in distribution

CatalystX::CRUD::Controller::REST - Catalyst::Controller::REST with CRUD River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Subclass of Catalyst::Controller::REST for use with CatalystX::CRUD....

KARMAN/CatalystX-CRUD-Controller-REST-0.005 - 18 Nov 2015 15:54:16 GMT - Search in distribution

CatalystX::Controller::ExtJS::REST - RESTful interface to dbic objects River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

This controller will make CRUD operations with ExtJS dead simple. Using REST you can update, create, remove, read and list objects which are retrieved via DBIx::Class....

PERLER/CatalystX-ExtJS-REST-2.1.3 - 15 Jan 2014 13:39:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Helper::Controller::DBIC::API::REST River stage zero No dependents

This creates REST controllers according to the specifications at Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API and Catalyst::Controller::DBIC::API::REST for all the classes in your Catalyst app. It creates the following files: MyApp/lib/MyApp/Controller/ MyA...

AMIRI/Catalyst-Helper-Controller-DBIC-API-REST-0.09 - 20 Nov 2016 18:44:31 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/CatalystX/Eta/Controller/ River stage zero No dependents

RENTOCRON/CatalystX-Eta-0.08 - 30 Sep 2015 23:43:17 GMT - Search in distribution

CatalystX::Controller::ExtJS::REST::SimpleExcel - Serialize to Excel spreadsheets River stage zero No dependents

This role loads Catalyst::Action::Serialize::SimpleExcel and adds "application/" to the type map. When requesting a list of objects, this role converts the output to satisfy Catalyst::Action::Serialize::SimpleExcel....

PERLER/CatalystX-Controller-ExtJS-REST-SimpleExcel-0.1.1 - 01 Feb 2011 14:24:30 GMT - Search in distribution

CatalystX::Controller::ExtJS::Direct::Route - Ext.Direct route object River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

PERLER/CatalystX-ExtJS-Direct-2.1.5 - 15 Jan 2014 01:00:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Model::REST - REST model class for Catalyst River stage zero No dependents

This Catalyst Model class is a thin wrapper over Role::REST::Client Use this module if you need to talk to a REST server as a separate model....

KAARE/Catalyst-Model-REST-0.27 - 20 Feb 2012 20:05:38 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Rad - Rapid (and easy!) creation of command line applications River stage two • 18 direct dependents • 28 total dependents

App::Rad aims to be a simple yet powerful framework for developing your command-line applications. It can easily transform your Perl *one-liners* into reusable subroutines than can be called directly by the user of your program. It also tries to prov...

GARU/App-Rad-1.05 - 07 Jun 2013 01:12:03 GMT - Search in distribution

MVC::Neaf - Not Even A (Web Application) Framework River stage zero No dependents

KHEDIN/MVC-Neaf-0.2601 - 22 Jun 2018 19:36:33 GMT - Search in distribution

WebAPI::DBIC River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

WebAPI::DBIC (or "WAPID" for short) provides the parts you need to build a feature-rich RESTful JSON web service API backed by DBIx::Class schemas. WebAPI::DBIC features include: * Built as fine-grained roles for maximum reusability and extensibility...

TIMB/WebAPI-DBIC-0.004002 - 22 Mar 2015 22:56:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst - The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework River stage three • 605 direct dependents • 677 total dependents

Catalyst is a modern framework for making web applications without the pain usually associated with this process. This document is a reference to the main Catalyst application. If you are a new user, we suggest you start with Catalyst::Manual::Tutori...

HAARG/Catalyst-Runtime-5.90122 - 03 Nov 2018 14:52:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Solstice - Solstice is a Web application development framework for Perl. Based on the MVC programming paradigm, it provides a sensible layout for Web applications that helps you write applications faster and with fewer mistakes. River stage zero No dependents

Solstice is a Web application development framework for Perl. Based on the MVC programming paradigm, it provides a sensible layout for Web applications that helps you write applications faster and with fewer mistakes. For more information, see http:/...

MCRAWFOR/Solstice-1440 - 07 Nov 2007 20:57:59 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::FormFu - HTML Form Creation, Rendering and Validation Framework River stage two • 15 direct dependents • 28 total dependents

HTML::FormFu is a HTML form framework which aims to be as easy as possible to use for basic web forms, but with the power and flexibility to do anything else you might want to do (as long as it involves forms). You can configure almost any part of fo...

CFRANKS/HTML-FormFu-2.06 - 09 Apr 2018 22:07:44 GMT - Search in distribution

URL::Signature - Tamper-proof URLs with Signed authentication River stage zero No dependents

This module is a simple wrapper around Digest::HMAC and <URI>. It is intended to make it simple to do integrity checks on URLs (and other URIs as well). URL Tampering? Sometimes you want to provide dynamic resources in your server based on path or qu...

GARU/URL-Signature-0.03 - 06 Apr 2013 17:26:33 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::FormHandler - HTML forms using Moose River stage two • 21 direct dependents • 30 total dependents

*** Although documentation in this file provides some overview, it is mainly intended for API documentation. See HTML::FormHandler::Manual::Intro for an introduction, with links to other documentation. HTML::FormHandler maintains a clean separation b...

GSHANK/HTML-FormHandler-0.40068 - 20 Jul 2017 17:10:05 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/ River stage zero No dependents

RDIETRICH/Ravenel-1.1 - 10 Dec 2012 19:00:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Bigtop::Docs::Tutorial - a simple case study of building a web app with bigtop River stage zero No dependents

PHILCROW/Bigtop-0.38 - 10 Jul 2010 22:08:44 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::UploadEngine - File Upload Engine for Multi-App Web Server River stage zero No dependents

The main design goal of CGI::UploadEngine (CGI::UE) has been to enable developers to use file upload select boxes in a regular HTML *form* without needing to handle *multi-part* forms (or making any number of rookie mistakes). This is accomplished by...

ROGERHALL/CGI-UploadEngine-0.93 - 28 Jun 2011 21:46:49 GMT - Search in distribution

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