CatalystX::CRUD::YUI::LiveGrid - ExtJS LiveGrid objects

This class represents the data necessary to support the ExtJS-base LiveGrid component

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DBIx::Class::RDBOHelpers - DBIC compat with Rose::DBx::Object::MoreHelpers

DBIx::Class::RDBOHelpers implements several methods with the same names as those in Rose::DBx::Object::MoreHelpers. This class helps ease compatability issues when using packages that expect these methods to exist, like Rose::HTMLx::Form::Related and...

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Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst - plant Roses in your Catalyst garden

Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst extends Rose::DBx::Garden to create Catalyst component scaffolding. These created components use the RDBO and RHTMLO classes that the Garden class produces. The base Controller, Model and View classes are simple subclasses...

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Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial::04_BasicCRUD - Catalyst Tutorial - Chapter 4: Basic CRUD

This chapter of the tutorial builds on the fairly primitive application created in Chapter 3 to add basic support for Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) of "Book" objects. Note that the 'list' function in Chapter 3 already implements the Read po...

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