Chart/ River stage zero No dependents

CHARTGRP/Chart-2.4.10 - 01 Mar 2015 20:17:19 UTC - Search in distribution
  • Chart - a series of charting modules

DBD::Chart::Plot - Graph/chart Plotting engine for DBD::Chart River stage zero No dependents

DBD::Chart::Plot creates images of various types of graphs for 2 or 3 dimensional data. Unlike GD::Graph, the input data sets do not need to be uniformly distributed in the domain (X-axis), and may be either numeric, temporal, or symbolic. DBD::Chart...

DARNOLD/DBD-Chart-0.82 - 22 May 2006 18:54:25 UTC - Search in distribution

Config::IniFiles - A module for reading .ini-style configuration files. River stage three • 83 direct dependents • 144 total dependents

Config::IniFiles provides a way to have readable configuration files outside your Perl script. Configurations can be imported (inherited, stacked,...), sections can be grouped, and settings can be accessed from a tied hash....

SHLOMIF/Config-IniFiles-3.000003 - 24 Mar 2020 15:45:08 UTC - Search in distribution

Math::Prime::Util - Utilities related to prime numbers, including fast sieves and factoring River stage two • 12 direct dependents • 18 total dependents

A module for number theory in Perl. This includes prime sieving, primality tests, primality proofs, integer factoring, counts / bounds / approximations for primes, nth primes, and twin primes, random prime generation, and much more. This module is th...

DANAJ/Math-Prime-Util-0.73 - 15 Nov 2018 18:56:14 UTC - Search in distribution

PostScript::Graph::Style - style settings for postscript objects River stage zero No dependents

This module is designed as a supporting part of the PostScript::Graph suite. For top level modules that output something useful, see PostScript::Graph::Bar PostScript::Graph::Stock PostScript::Graph::XY Style settings are provided for objects placed ...

CPWILLMOT/PostScript-Graph-1.02 - 19 Sep 2003 14:44:42 UTC - Search in distribution

Physics::Ballistics::Terminal - Terminal ballistics formulae. River stage zero No dependents

TTKCIAR/Physics-Ballistics-1.03 - 27 Jul 2017 22:06:27 UTC - Search in distribution

Image::Magick::CommandParser - Parse any command line acceptable to convert or mogrify River stage zero No dependents

"Image::Magick::CommandParser" is a stand-alone parser for command lines acceptable to the Imagemagick <> programs "convert" and "mogrify". It aims to handle all constructs supported by Imagemagick itself, but it's vital to und...

RSAVAGE/Image-Magick-CommandParser-1.04 - 04 Sep 2016 07:58:51 UTC - Search in distribution
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