Chart::ThreeD::Pie - 3D Piechart River stage zero No dependents

Chart::ThreeD::Pie allows you to create 3D Piecharts very easily and emit the drawings as GIF files. You can customize almost everything using a large number of methods. This module requires the Lincoln D. Stein's GD module available on CPAN....

FTASSIN/Chart-ThreeD-0.01 - 26 Feb 1999 11:03:00 UTC - Search in distribution

DBD::Chart::Plot - Graph/chart Plotting engine for DBD::Chart River stage zero No dependents

DBD::Chart::Plot creates images of various types of graphs for 2 or 3 dimensional data. Unlike GD::Graph, the input data sets do not need to be uniformly distributed in the domain (X-axis), and may be either numeric, temporal, or symbolic. DBD::Chart...

DARNOLD/DBD-Chart-0.82 - 22 May 2006 18:54:25 UTC - Search in distribution
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