Chart::Clicker - Powerful, extensible charting.

Chart::Clicker aims to be a powerful, extensible charting package that creates really pretty output. Charts can be saved in png, svg, pdf and postscript format. Clicker leverages the power of Graphics::Primitive to create snazzy graphics without bein...

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Hypatia::Chart::Clicker - Hypatia Bindings for Chart::Clicker

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Hypatia - A Data Visualization API

For reporting and analysis of data, it's often useful to have charts and graphs of various kinds: line graphs, bar charts, histograms, etc. Of course, CPAN has modules for data visualization--in fact, there are quite <

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Jifty::Manual::Cookbook - Recipes for common tasks in Jifty

This document aims to provide solutions to common questions of "How do I do *x* with Jifty?" While the solutions here certainly aren't the only way to do things, they're generally the solutions the developers of Jifty use, and ones that work pretty w...

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Hypatia::GraphViz2 - Hypatia Bindings for GraphViz2

As with the other Hypatia plugins, this module extends Hypatia::Base. The API is mostly the same as that for Hypatia::Chart::Clicker, with the biggest exception being that only two column types are allowed: "v1" and "v2" (see below). For the other at...

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This is a perl module and a script that makes use of %TITLE% This is a wrapper for [pandoc] implementing extra fenced code-blocks to allow the creation of charts and graphs etc. Documents may be created a variety of formats. If you want to create nic...

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