Class::AutoAccess - Zero code dynamic accessors implementation.

Base class for automated accessors implementation. If you implement a class as a blessed hash reference, this class helps you not to write the fields accessors yourself. It uses the AUTOLOAD method to implement accessors on demand. Since the accessor...

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Class::AutoAccess::Deep - automatically creates the accessors reach deep inside the field

Class::AutoAccess::Deep is the base class for automated accessors implementation. You can access deep inside the object fields to call the method named by joining the object field name with '->' operator....

KENTARO/Class-AutoAccess-Deep-0.02 - 11 Sep 2005 09:53:05 GMT - Search in distribution

SLOOPS - Simple, Light, Object Oriented Persistence System .

SLOOPS is a lightweight Object Oriented persistence system. If you want to follow the tutorial, uncompress the distribution from command line ! It has been designed with simplicity and reliability in mind. So you should expect: - VERY EASY AND QUICK ...

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Data::Freezer - A namespace aware object freezer based on Pixie.

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