Class::Delegation - Object-oriented delegation

The Class::Delegation module simplifies the creation of delegation-based class hierarchies, allowing a method to be redispatched: * to a single nominated attribute, * to a collection of nominated attributes in parallel, or * to any attribute that can...

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Class::Delegation::Simple - Simple delegation for Perl

Class delegation is simply a way to get around some of the problems presented by class inheritance. You can specify that you want some method calls to be handled by one or more attributes of your own choosing. This is much cleaner than constantly hac...

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Eve - The web service creation framework written with events in mind.

Layers of the system The first layer of the system is the application layer that is responsible for assembling all the components and dealing with features specific to the type of the built program. It is the entry point of the system. This layer ope...

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Tkx - Yet another Tk interface

The "Tkx" module provides yet another Tk interface for Perl. Tk is a GUI toolkit tied to the Tcl language, and "Tkx" provides a bridge to Tcl that allows Tk based applications to be written in Perl. The main idea behind Tkx is that it is a very thin ...

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Minions - Simplifies the creation of loosely coupled object oriented code.

Minions is a class builder that makes it easy to create classes that are modular <>, which means there is a clear and obvious separation between what end users need to know (the interface for using the ...

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autobox - call methods on native types

The "autobox" pragma allows methods to be called on integers, floats, strings, arrays, hashes, and code references in exactly the same manner as blessed references. Autoboxing is transparent: values are not blessed into their (user-defined) implement...

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KiokuDB - Object Graph storage engine

KiokuDB is a Moose based frontend to various data stores, somewhere in between Tangram and Pixie. Its purpose is to provide persistence for "regular" objects with as little effort as possible, without sacrificing control over how persistence is actua...

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Tk::mega - Perl/Tk support for writing widgets in pure Perl

The goal of the mega-widget support of Perl/Tk is to make it easy to write mega-widgets that obey the same protocol and interface that the Tk core widgets support. *For mega-widget sample code please run the widget demonstration program and go to the...

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Reindeer - Moose with more antlers

Like Moose? Use MooseX::* extensions? Maybe some MooseX::Types libraries? Hate that you have to use them in every. Single. Class. Reindeer aims to resolve that :) Reindeer _is_ Moose -- it's just Moose with a number of the more useful/popular extensi...

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UNIVERSAL - base class for ALL classes (blessed references)

"UNIVERSAL" is the base class from which all blessed references inherit. See perlobj. "UNIVERSAL" provides the following methods: "$obj->isa( TYPE )" "CLASS->isa( TYPE )" "eval { VAL->isa( TYPE ) }" Where "TYPE" is a package name $obj is a blessed re...

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CGI::Bus - Web and DBI Application object

A web database with record versioning, access control at the record level, and file attachments was needed for me, see examples and CGI::Bus::tmsql... Modular structure and some codes implemented due to infrastructural needs. This module is to provid...

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Zonemaster - A tool to check the quality of a DNS zone

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DNS::Oterica::Role::RecordMaker - a delegation class for the DNSO recordmaker.

"DNS::Oterica::Role::RecordMaker" delegates to an underlying record maker. It exposes this record maker with its "rec" method....

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Articulate - A lightweight Perl CMS Framework

Articulate is a set of components that work together to provide a content management service that will sit alongside an existing Dancer app or form the basis of a new one. If you want to see one in action, grab the source and run: # If you have Dance...

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Paws::STS - Perl Interface to AWS AWS Security Token Service

AWS Security Token Service The AWS Security Token Service (STS) is a web service that enables you to request temporary, limited-privilege credentials for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users or for users that you authenticate (federated use...

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Verby::Step - A base class representing a single thing to be executed by Verby::Dispatcher.

A step in the Verby system is like an instance of an action. A step is much like a makefile target. It can depend on other steps, and when appropriate will be told to be executed. The difference between a Verby::Step and a Verby::Action is that an ac...

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classesfaq - frequently asked questions about the Perl classes pragma

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