Class::Mutator - Run-time Dynamic Multiple Inheritance ++

Class::Mutator adds the power of "dynamic polymorphism" to Perl objects. Any object that inherits Class::Mutator principally gains two new methods, mutate and unmutate that allows them to add methods to themselves at runtime from other packages. The ...

GMCCAR/Class-Mutator-0.04 - 24 Nov 2002 10:53:44 GMT - Search in distribution

ORM - Object relational mapper for Perl. 1 ++

ORM is Perl library that implements object-relational mapping. Its features are much similar to those of Java's Hibernate library, but interface is much different and easier to use. Please start reading with ORM::Tutorial. General features * Inherita...

AKIMOV/ORM-0.85.1 - 14 Apr 2013 11:36:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Oryx - Meta-Model Driven Object Persistance with Multiple Inheritance ++

Oryx is an object persistence framework which supports both object-relational mapping as well as DMB style databases and as such is not coupled with any particular storage back-end. In other words, you should be able to swap out an RDMBS with a DBM s...

RHUNDT/Oryx-0.24   (1 review) - 18 Jun 2006 19:57:44 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Oryx::DBI - DBI Storage interface for Oryx
  • Oryx::Class - abstract base class for Oryx classes
  • Oryx::Value - base class for value types for the Oryx object persistence tool

SPOPS - Simple Perl Object Persistence with Security 1 ++

This module is meant to be overridden by a class that will implement persistence for the SPOPS objects. This persistence can come by way of flat text files, LDAP directories, GDBM entries, DBI database tables -- whatever. The API should remain the sa...

CWINTERS/SPOPS-0.87   (6 reviews) - 02 Jun 2004 01:03:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Future - represent an operation awaiting completion 22 ++

A "Future" object represents an operation that is currently in progress, or has recently completed. It can be used in a variety of ways to manage the flow of control, and data, through an asynchronous program. Some futures represent a single operatio...

PEVANS/Future-0.32 - 10 Mar 2015 19:56:40 GMT - Search in distribution

classes - conventional Perl 5 classes ++

A simple, stable, fast, and flexible way to use conventional Perl 5 classes in scripts, rapid prototypes, and full-scale applications. This reference document covers syntax only. See the following for more: classesoop Introductory primer of concepts,...

RMUHLE/classes-0.944   (1 review) - 08 Mar 2008 16:10:50 GMT - Search in distribution

Sentinel - create lightweight SCALARs with get/set callbacks 3 ++

This module provides a single lvalue function, "sentinel", which yields a scalar that invoke callbacks to get or set its value. Primarily this is useful to create lvalue object accessors or other functions, to invoke actual code when a new value is s...

PEVANS/Sentinel-0.05 - 01 Jun 2012 16:36:51 GMT - Search in distribution

perlsub - Perl subroutines 241 ++

Like many languages, Perl provides for user-defined subroutines. These may be located anywhere in the main program, loaded in from other files via the "do", "require", or "use" keywords, or generated on the fly using "eval" or anonymous subroutines. ...

SHAY/perl-5.20.2   (6 reviews) - 14 Feb 2015 18:27:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Titanium - A strong, lightweight web application framework 1 ++

It is intended that your Application Module will be implemented as a sub-class of Titanium. This is done simply as follows: package My::App; use base 'Titanium'; Notation and Conventions For the purpose of this document, we will refer to the followin...

MARKSTOS/Titanium-1.04   (3 reviews) - 24 Nov 2009 02:43:36 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent - the DBI of event loop programming 87 ++

AnyEvent provides a uniform interface to various event loops. This allows module authors to use event loop functionality without forcing module users to use a specific event loop implementation (since more than one event loop cannot coexist peacefull...

MLEHMANN/AnyEvent-7.08   (4 reviews) - 10 Dec 2014 04:29:35 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::Mint - A mostly class-based ORM for Perl 2 ++

DBIx::Mint is a mostly class-based, object-relational mapping module for Perl. It tries to be simple and flexible, and it is meant to integrate with your own custom classes. Since version 0.04, it allows for multiple database connections and it featu...

JFRAIRE/DBIx-Mint-0.071 - 24 Mar 2015 23:07:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::OBEX - implementation of OBEX protocol ++

WARNING!!! This module is still in its early alpha stage, it is recommended that you use it only for testing. A lot of functionality is still not implemented. The module is a Perl implementation of IrOBEX protocol. CONSTRUCTOR new my $obex = Net::OBE...

ZOFFIX/Net-OBEX-1.001001 - 01 Feb 2014 04:56:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Bio::Phylo - Phylogenetic analysis using perl 3 ++

This is the base class for the Bio::Phylo package for phylogenetic analysis using object-oriented perl5. In this file, methods are defined that are performed by other objects in the Bio::Phylo release that inherit from this base class (which you norm...

RVOSA/Bio-Phylo-0.58   (6 reviews) - 27 Mar 2014 15:27:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Astro::UTDF - Manipulate Universal Tracking Data Format data ++
WYANT/Astro-UTDF-0.005 - 26 Oct 2014 23:08:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::DBI - Simple Database Abstraction 5 ++
TMTM/Class-DBI-v3.0.17   (16 reviews) - 04 Oct 2007 21:30:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::Light - Provides cascading object initialization and autovivified accessors and mutators ++

Subclasses are not to define a class method named "new", instead they should define the private instance method named "_init" which does object initialization. "new" will invoke "_init" from each superclass in the object's class hierarchy including o...

DAVAZ/Class-Light-0.01003 - 02 May 2009 08:46:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::PINT - A Class::DBI package providing Tangram and other OOPF features ++

Class::PINT is an implementation of selected Tangram, and other OOPF related features on top of Class::DBI. The goal of PINT is to provide some of the power and flexibility of Tangram with the maturity, transparency and extensibility of CDBI. I also ...

TEEJAY/Class-PINT-0.01   (1 review) - 15 Nov 2004 19:54:12 GMT - Search in distribution

MooX::Value - Base class for minimal Value Object classes 1 ++

This class serves as a base class for classes implementing the *Value Object* pattern. The core principles of a Value Object class are: The meaning of the object is solely its value. The value of the object is immutable. The object is validated on cr...

GWADEJ/MooX-Value-0.04 - 11 Feb 2015 23:10:29 GMT - Search in distribution

JOAP::Proxy - Base class for client-side proxies of JOAP objects ++

All of the classes that proxy for remote JOAP objects are subclasses of JOAP::Proxy. This package defines a lot of common behavior, but almost none of it should be used directly. Consequently, the appropriate methods and such are documented in the su...

EVAN/JOAP-0.01 - 22 May 2003 23:57:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Zabbix::API - Access the JSON-RPC API of a Zabbix server ++

This module manages authentication and querying to a Zabbix server via its JSON-RPC interface. (Zabbix v1.8+ is required for API usage; prior versions have no JSON-RPC API at all.) What you need to start out is probably the "fetch" method in "Zabbix:...

FGA/Zabbix-API-0.009 - 08 Mar 2013 16:27:03 GMT - Search in distribution