Class::RDF - Perl extension for mapping objects to RDF and back

Class::RDF is a perl object layer over an RDF triplestore. It is based on Class::DBI, the perl object / RDBMS package. Thus it works with mysql, postgresql, sqlite etc. Look in the sql/ directory distributed with this module for database schemas. It ...

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RDF::Redland - Redland RDF Class

This class initialises the Redland RDF classes. See the main classes for full detail: RDF::Redland::Node, RDF::Redland::BlankNode, RDF::Redland::URINode, RDF::Redland::LiteralNode, RDF::Redland::XMLLiteralNode, RDF::Redland::URI, RDF::Redland::Statem...

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POE::XUL::RDF - RDF builder class

Primitive RDF generation for XUL trees....

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SIOC::Exporter - SIOC RDF exporter class

This module implements a SIOC exporter class. It will output the RDF representation of SIOC objects passed to it....

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  • SIOC - The SIOC Core Ontology

RDF::Query::Node - Base class for RDF Nodes

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RDF::Trine::Node - Base class for RDF Nodes

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DAIA - Document Availability Information API

The Document Availability Information API (DAIA) defines a model of information about the current availability of documents, for instance in a library. DAIA includes a specification of serializations in JSON, XML, and RDF. More details can be found i...

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  • DAIA::Entity - Abstract base class of Department, Institution, Storage, and Limitation
  • DAIA::Object - Abstract base class of all DAIA classes

RDF::Flow - RDF data flow pipeline

RDF::Flow provides a simple framework on top of RDF::Trine to define and connect RDF sources in data flow pipes. In a nutshell, a source is connected to some data (possibly RDF but it could also wrap any other forms) and you can retrieve RDF data fro...

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Clone - recursively copy Perl datatypes

This module provides a "clone()" method which makes recursive copies of nested hash, array, scalar and reference types, including tied variables and objects. "clone()" takes a scalar argument and duplicates it. To duplicate lists, arrays or hashes, p...

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RDF::NS - Just use popular RDF namespace prefixes from

Hardcoding URI namespaces and prefixes for RDF applications is neither fun nor maintainable. In the end we all use more or less the same prefix definitions, as collected at <>. This module includes all these prefixes as defined at spe...

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Attean - A Semantic Web Framework

Attean provides APIs for parsing, storing, querying, and serializing Semantic Web (RDF and SPARQL) data....

GWILLIAMS/Attean-0.017 - 10 Jun 2016 02:36:18 GMT - Search in distribution

RDF::DOAP - an object-oriented interface for DOAP (Description of a Project) data

A little sparsely documented right now. The RDF::DOAP class itself is mostly a wrapper for parsing RDF and building objects. Most of the interesting stuff is in the "Bundled Classes". Constructors "new(%attrs)" You don't want to use this. "from_url($...

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RDF::Lazy - Lazy typing access to RDF data

This module wraps RDF::Trine::Node to provide simple node-centric access to RDF data. It was designed to access RDF within Template Toolkit but the module does not depend on or and can be used independently. Basically, an instance of RDF::Lazy contai...

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Tutorial - RDF::Redland::DIG::Tutorial

DRRHO/RDF-Redland-DIG-0.04 - 09 Jun 2008 08:25:40 GMT - Search in distribution

RDF::Simple - read and write RDF without complication

This package is for very simple manipulations of RDF/XML serialisations of RDF graphs. It consists of: RDF::Simple::Parser RDF::Simple::Serialiser Please consult the individual pod for these packages. The parser requires XML::SAX Also provided is RDF...

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RDF::Helper - Provide a consistent, high-level API for working with RDF with Perl

This module intends to simplify, normalize and extend Perl's existing facilities for interacting with RDF data. RDF::Helper's goal is to offer a syntactic sugar which will enable developers to work more efficiently. To achieve this, it implements met...

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RDF::ACL - access control lists for the semantic web

Note that this module provides access control and does not perform authentication! Constructors "$acl->new($input, %args)" Creates a new access control list based on RDF data defined in $input. $input can be a serialised string of RDF, a file name, a...

TOBYINK/RDF-ACL-0.104 - 10 Sep 2014 23:03:58 GMT - Search in distribution

RDF::Server - toolkit for building RDF servers

RDF::Server provides a flexible framework with which you can design your own RDF service. By dividing itself into several areas of responsibility, the framework allows you to mix and match any capabilities you need to create the service that fits you...

JSMITH/RDF-Server-0.08 - 18 Mar 2008 19:03:54 GMT - Search in distribution

RDF::RDB2RDF - map relational database to RDF declaratively

It's quite common to want to map legacy relational (SQL) data to RDF. This is usually quite simple to do by looping through database tables and spitting out triples. Nothing wrong with that; I've done that in the past, and that's what RDF::RDB2RDF do...

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Catalyst::Model::RDF - RDF model class for Catalyst based on RDF::Trine::Model.

Catalyst::Model::RDF is a thin proxy around RDF::Trine::Model. It can be initialized using the Catalyst configuration file or method. The following parameters are currently recognized: namespaces format Any name found in "serializer_names" in RDF::Tr...

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