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Class::ReturnValue - A return-value object that lets you treat it as as a boolean, array or object 1 ++

Class::ReturnValue is a "clever" return value object that can allow code calling your routine to expect: a boolean value (did it fail) or a list (what are the return values) EXAMPLE sub demo { my $value = shift; my $ret = Class::ReturnValue->new(); $...

JESSE/Class-ReturnValue-0.55 - 20 Aug 2007 20:42:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::ICal - Generates iCalendar (RFC 2445) calendar files 5 ++

A Data::ICal object represents a "VCALENDAR" object as defined in the iCalendar protocol (RFC 2445, MIME type "text/calendar"), as implemented in many popular calendaring programs such as Apple's iCal. Each Data::ICal object is a collection of "entri...

ALEXMV/Data-ICal-0.21   (2 reviews) - 03 Jul 2013 22:47:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::RT - CPAN Bundle for RT Dependencies ++
RSPIER/Bundle-RT-0.030601 - 12 Aug 2006 04:53:25 GMT - Search in distribution

SWF::Movie - SWF Movie class ++

SWF::Movie is the root object of your flashfile. It contains all your other objects you want in your movie. Ming supports many Flash4 and Flash5 features and some of Flash MX(Flash6). The SWF::Movie object contains information like the flashversion, ...

LISCOVIUS/SWF-0.4.0-beta6_02 - 29 Sep 2007 08:47:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Grid::Request - An API for submitting jobs to a computational grid such as SGE or Condor. ++

An API for submitting work to a Distributed Resource Management (DRM) system such as Sun Grid Engine (SGE) or Condor. SYNOPSIS use Grid::Request; my $request = Grid::Request->new(); # Optionally set the job's project, if the configured scheduler requ...

VICTORF/Grid-Request-0.11 - 22 Jul 2011 09:47:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::ResultSet - Container for aggregating and examining multiple results ++

Data::ResultSet is a container object for aggregating and examining multiple results. It allows multiple result objects matching the same method signature to be returned as a single object that can then be queried for success or failure in a number o...

DONEILL/Data-ResultSet-1.001 - 10 Mar 2008 18:11:07 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::LazyMethod - Simple 'database query-to-accessor method' wrappers. Quick and dirty OO interface to your data. ++

A Lazy (and easily replaceable) DB abstraction layer. In no way a new approach, rather an easy one. You should probably use DBIx::Class anyway. Heh. What does that mean? DBIx::LazyMethod uses AUTOLOAD to create methods and statement handles based on ...

WARMING/DBIx-LazyMethod-1.03 - 28 Mar 2004 14:15:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Jifty::DBI::Record - Superclass for records loaded by Jifty::DBI::Collection ++

Jifty::DBI::Record encapsulates records and tables as part of the Jifty::DBI object-relational mapper. METHODS new ARGS Instantiate a new, empty record object. ARGS is a hash used to pass parameters to the "_init()" function. Unless it is overloaded,...

ALEXMV/Jifty-DBI-0.77 - 01 Dec 2013 18:11:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Curses::UI::Widget - The base class for all widgets 6 ++
MDXI/Curses-UI-0.9609   (6 reviews) - 02 Sep 2011 18:10:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::ICal::TimeZone - timezones for Data::ICal ++

Data::ICal::TimeZone provides a mechanism for adding the Olsen standard timezones to your ical documents, plus a copy of the Olsen timezone database. METHODS new( timezone => 'zone_name' ) Returns a timezone object, this will be a Data::ICal::TimeZon...

RCLAMP/Data-ICal-TimeZone-1.23 - 23 Aug 2007 10:04:59 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::HTMLView::N2N - A many to many relation between two tabels ++

This is a subcalss of DBIx::HTMLView::Relation used to represent N2N relations in the databse as well as the data contained in them. Se the DBIx::HTMLView::Relation and DBIx::HTMLView:.Fld (the superclass of Relation) manpage for info on the methods ...

HAKANARDO/DBIx-HTMLView-LATEST - 01 Oct 2001 17:58:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Nagios::Clientstatus - Framework for Nagios check-service programs ++

Create a program to check the function of some service or device for Nagios. This module helps you to check the mandatory and optional arguments. It helps you to send the right output so that Nagios can check wether the service works ok or not. METHO...

HORSHACK/Nagios-Clientstatus-0.06 - 25 Jun 2006 19:12:46 GMT - Search in distribution

Win32::ProcFarm::Parent - stand-in for child process in ProcFarm RPC system ++

Installation instructions This installs with MakeMaker as part of Win32::ProcFarm. To install via MakeMaker, it's the usual procedure - download from CPAN, extract, type "perl Makefile.PL", "nmake" then "nmake install". Don't do an "nmake test" becau...

TEVERETT/Win32-ProcFarm-2.15 - 09 Jan 2004 16:49:27 GMT - Search in distribution

UML::Sequence::SimpleSeq - turns simple outlines (see below) into UML sequence diagrams ++

This file may be used directly by a script (as shown above) or as a base class for other sequencers (see UML::Sequence::JavaSeq). It supplies routines for handling simple outlines like a user could be expected to type by hand. Such outlines look like...

PHILCROW/UML-Sequence-0.08 - 11 Sep 2007 22:12:29 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record - Superclass for records loaded by SearchBuilder ++

DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record is designed to work with DBIx::SearchBuilder. What is it trying to do. DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record abstracts the agony of writing the common and generally simple SQL statements needed to serialize and De-serialize an objec...

TSIBLEY/DBIx-SearchBuilder-1.65 - 03 Jul 2013 23:43:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Google::Ads::AdWords::v201309::ReturnValueResult 1 ++

Perl data type class for the XML Schema defined complexType ReturnValueResult from the namespace https://adwords.google.com/api/adwords/cm/v201309. Represents a success result of processing a mutate operation that returned a value. PROPERTIES The fol...

JRADCLIFF/GOOGLE-ADWORDS-PERL-CLIENT-2.15.0 - 31 Mar 2014 18:44:23 GMT - Search in distribution

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