Compress::Zlib - Interface to zlib compression library River stage five • 257 direct dependents • 10117 total dependents

The *Compress::Zlib* module provides a Perl interface to the *zlib* compression library (see "AUTHOR" for details about where to get *zlib*). The "Compress::Zlib" module can be split into two general areas of functionality, namely a simple read/write...

PMQS/IO-Compress-2.102 - 28 Feb 2021 08:57:41 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/LibZip/ River stage zero No dependents

GMPASSOS/tinyperl-1.0-580-win32 - 11 Dec 2002 03:49:31 UTC - Search in distribution

Compress::Raw::Zlib - Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library River stage five • 26 direct dependents • 10229 total dependents

The *Compress::Raw::Zlib* module provides a Perl interface to the *zlib* compression library (see "AUTHOR" for details about where to get *zlib*)....

PMQS/Compress-Raw-Zlib-2.101 - 20 Feb 2021 14:10:43 UTC - Search in distribution

Compress::Zlib::Perl - (Partial) Pure perl implementation of Compress::Zlib River stage zero No dependents

This a pure perl implementation of Compress::Zlib's inflate API. Inflating deflated data Currently the only thing Compress::Zlib::Perl can do is inflate compressed data. A constructor and 3 methods from Compress::Zlib's interface are replicated: infl...

NWCLARK/Compress-Zlib-Perl-0.02 - 16 Feb 2004 23:51:50 UTC - Search in distribution

Bundle::Compress::Zlib - Install Compress::Zlib and dependencies River stage zero No dependents

PMQS/Bundle-Compress-Zlib-2.100 - 07 Jan 2021 13:57:30 UTC - Search in distribution

Compress::Zopfli::ZLIB River stage zero No dependents

OCBNET/Compress-Zopfli-0.0.1 - 26 Apr 2017 22:29:03 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Plugin::Compress::Zlib - DEPRECATED Zlib Compression for Catalyst River stage zero No dependents

DEPRECATED - supported for legacy applications, but useCatalyst::Plugin::Compress in new code. Compress response if client supports it....

MSTROUT/Catalyst-Plugin-Compress-Zlib-0.06 - 09 Aug 2011 12:26:16 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/LibZip/Build/ River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

GMPASSOS/LibZip-0.06 - 12 Dec 2004 00:25:09 UTC - Search in distribution
  • LibZip - Create very low weight self executables. (This is the generator of TinyPerl).

IO::Zlib - IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib River stage four • 74 direct dependents • 2194 total dependents

"IO::Zlib" provides an IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib and hence to gzip/zlib compressed files. It provides many of the same methods as the IO::Handle interface. Starting from IO::Zlib version 1.02, IO::Zlib can also use an external gzip comma...

TOMHUGHES/IO-Zlib-1.11 - 13 Sep 2020 11:41:23 UTC - Search in distribution

XMLTV::Gunzip - wrapper to Compress::Zlib or gzip(1) River stage zero No dependents

EDAVIS/xmltv-0.5.33 - 08 May 2004 11:59:24 UTC - Search in distribution

POE::Filter::Zlib - A POE filter wrapped around Compress::Zlib River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

POE::Filter::Zlib provides a POE filter for performing compression/uncompression using Compress::Zlib. It is suitable for use with POE::Filter::Stackable. This filter is not ideal for streaming compressed data over sockets etc. as it employs compress...

BINGOS/POE-Filter-Zlib-2.04 - 26 Feb 2017 14:30:51 UTC - Search in distribution

MySQL::Compress - MySQL COMPRESS() and UNCOMPRESS() compatible Perl functions River stage zero No dependents

This module provides functions compatible with MySQL COMPRESS() and UNCOMPRESS(). One reason you may want to use these functions is because MySQL COMPRESS() does not offer the possibilty to specify the compression level, whereas the mysql_compress() ...

CMANLEY/MySQL-Compress-1.02 - 23 Feb 2019 03:40:25 UTC - Search in distribution

Catalyst::Plugin::Compress - Compress response River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module combines Catalyst::Plugin::Deflate Catalyst::Plugin::Gzip Catalyst::Plugin::Zlib into one. It compress response to [gzip bzip2 zlib deflate] if client supports it. In other works the client should send the Accept-Encoding HTTP header with...

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-Plugin-Compress-0.006 - 29 Dec 2014 16:41:30 UTC - Search in distribution

Kx - Perl extension for Kdb+ River stage zero No dependents

Alpha code. Create a wrapper around Kdb+ and Q in Perl using the C interface to Kdb+...

SLOYD/Kx-0.042 - 06 Nov 2016 06:31:58 UTC - Search in distribution

POE - portable multitasking and networking framework for any event loop River stage three • 399 direct dependents • 536 total dependents

POE is a framework for cooperative, event driven multitasking and networking in Perl. Other languages have similar frameworks. Python has Twisted. TCL has "the event loop". POE provides a unified interface for several other event loops, including sel...

BINGOS/POE-1.368 - 02 Feb 2020 13:39:17 UTC - Search in distribution

CHI - Unified cache handling interface River stage three • 95 direct dependents • 189 total dependents

CHI provides a unified caching API, designed to assist a developer in persisting data for a specified period of time. The CHI interface is implemented by driver classes that support fetching, storing and clearing of data. Driver classes exist or will...

JSWARTZ/CHI-0.60 - 07 Jun 2015 21:28:32 UTC - Search in distribution

RMI - Remote Method Invocation with transparent proxies River stage zero No dependents

RMI stands for Remote Method Invocation. The RMI modules allow one process to have virtual object "stubs" which are proxies for real objects in another process. When methods are invoked on the proxy, the method actually runs in the other process. Whe...

SAKOHT/RMI-0.10 - 19 Oct 2010 05:49:23 UTC - Search in distribution

yada - Yet Another Download Accelerator CLI wrapper River stage zero No dependents

Employs AnyEvent::Net::Curl::Queued to download a set of URLs in batch mode (parallelizing connections). Downloading the same file in the same directory will result in the original copy of file being preserved and the second copy being named file.1. ...

SYP/AnyEvent-Net-Curl-Queued-0.049 - 07 Apr 2021 07:02:55 UTC - Search in distribution

ucpan - improved CPAN modules updater River stage zero No dependents

ucpan is module update program. This program has the following advantages over executing "cpan-outdated | cpanm" from the command line. * Display the outdated module list in easy-to-see table format. * Display the progress from fetch to install compa...

KPEE/App-ucpan-1.13 - 09 Dec 2019 08:49:08 UTC - Search in distribution

perlunicode - Unicode support in Perl River stage five • 10652 direct dependents • 31363 total dependents

If you haven't already, before reading this document, you should become familiar with both perlunitut and perluniintro. Unicode aims to UNI-fy the en-CODE-ings of all the world's character sets into a single Standard. For quite a few of the various c...

XSAWYERX/perl-5.34.0 - 20 May 2021 20:07:59 UTC - Search in distribution
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