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Compress::LZF_PP - A pure-Perl LZF decompressor ++

This module is a pure-Perl LZF decompressor. LZF is an extremely fast (not that much slower than a pure memcpy) compression algorithm. It is implemented in XS in Compress::LZF module. This is a pure-Perl LZF decompressor. Being pure-Perl, it is about...

LBROCARD/Compress-LZF_PP-0.33 - 10 Sep 2008 19:51:46 GMT - Search in distribution

lzf - Compress/decompress using LZF algorithm ++

This is a simple command-line front-end for Perl modules Compress::LZF. LZF is one of the algorithms where there are currently pure-Perl implementation of the decompressor on CPAN. So it is useful in some cases. OPTIONS * --decompress, --uncompress, ...

SHARYANTO/App-lzf-0.02 - 02 Jul 2014 13:47:36 GMT - Search in distribution

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