Config::Model::CursesUI - Curses interface to edit config data ++

This class provides a Curses::UI interface to configuration data managed by Config::Model. IMPORTANT: Once the CursesUI object is created, STDOUT and STDERR are managed by the Curses interface, so all print and warn will not work as expected....

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  • cme-old - Edit data of configuration managed by Config::Model (deprecated implementation of cme)
  • Config::Model - Create tools to validate, migrate and edit configuration files

Config::Model::Xorg - Xorg configuration model for Config::Model ++

This module provides a configuration model for Xorg. With this module and Config::Model, you have a tool to tune the configuration of your favourite X server. Installing Config::Model::CursesUI is recommended as you'll have a more user friendly curse...

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Config::Model::Itself - Model editor for Config::Model 1 ++

Config::Itself module and its model files provide a model of Config:Model (hence the Itself name). Let's step back a little to explain. Any configuration data is, in essence, structured data. This data could be stored in an XML file. A configuration ...

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Config::Model::OpenSsh - OpenSSH config editor 1 ++

This module provides a configuration editors (and models) for the configuration files of OpenSSH. ("/etc/ssh/sshd_config", /etc/ssh/ssh_config and "~/.ssh/config"). This module can also be used to modify safely the content of these configuration file...

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