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Cpanel::JSON::XS - JSON::XS for Cpanel, fast and correct serialising, also for 5.6.2 6 ++

This module converts Perl data structures to JSON and vice versa. Its primary goal is to be *correct* and its secondary goal is to be *fast*. To reach the latter goal it was written in C. As this is the n-th-something JSON module on CPAN, what was th...

RURBAN/Cpanel-JSON-XS-3.0104 - 26 Apr 2014 16:04:39 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::MaybeXS - use Cpanel::JSON::XS with a fallback to JSON::XS and JSON::PP 9 ++

This module first checks to see if either Cpanel::JSON::XS or JSON::XS is already loaded, in which case it uses that module. Otherwise it tries to load Cpanel::JSON::XS, then JSON::XS, then JSON::PP in order, and either uses the first module it finds...

ETHER/JSON-MaybeXS-1.002002 - 24 Apr 2014 04:02:34 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::Any - Wrapper Class for the various JSON classes. 3 ++
ETHER/JSON-Any-1.34 - 28 May 2014 21:36:13 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::Parse - Read JSON into a Perl variable 4 ++

JSON means "JavaScript Object Notation" and it is specified in "RFC 4627". JSON::Parse converts JSON into the nearest equivalent Perl. The function "parse_json" takes one argument, a string containing JSON, and returns a Perl reference. The input to ...

BKB/JSON-Parse-0.30   (1 review) - 23 Mar 2014 12:55:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst - The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework 106 ++

Catalyst is a modern framework for making web applications without the pain usually associated with this process. This document is a reference to the main Catalyst application. If you are a new user, we suggest you start with Catalyst::Manual::Tutori...

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-Runtime-5.90065   (18 reviews) - 05 Jun 2014 12:44:59 GMT - Search in distribution

cPanel::PublicAPI - A perl interface for interacting with cPanel ++

cPanel::PublicAPI is a supported interface for interacting with cPanel's APIs over HTTP. This allows you to query either WHM or cPanel accounts from a perl interface. The purpose of this module is to provide an easy-to-use interface into cPanel's var...

MATTDEES/cPanel-PublicAPI-1.002 - 20 Apr 2011 20:12:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Search::Elasticsearch::Serializer::JSON::Cpanel - A JSON Serializer using Cpanel::JSON::XS 13 ++

While the default serializer, Search::Elasticsearch::Serializer::JSON, tries to choose the appropriate JSON backend, this module allows you to choose the Cpanel::JSON::XS backend specifically. This class does Search::Elasticsearch::Role::Serializer::...

DRTECH/Search-Elasticsearch-1.13   (1 review) - 13 Jun 2014 11:50:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::Cpanel::Core - This module provides a spec of packages needed to operate a cPanel & WHM system. ++

This package includes all of the needed CPAN to run a cPanel & WHM system. The first two numbers of this version (eg: 11.36) refer to the major version of cPanel & WHM system. which it applies to. MODULES REQUIRED Acme::Spork Perl extension for spork...

CPANEL/Task-Cpanel-Core-11.36.004 - 19 Nov 2012 18:08:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::Cpanel::3rdparty - These modules are used for 3rdparty application development with cPanel & WHM. ++

This package includes all of the needed CPAN modules requested by 3rdparty integrators. The first two numbers of this version (eg: 11.36) refer to the major version of cPanel which it applies to. MODULES NEEDED Class::Std::Utils Utility subroutines f...

CPANEL/Task-Cpanel-3rdparty-11.36.001 - 19 Jul 2012 16:06:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::Cpanel::Internal - These modules are used for internal cPanel development. ++

This package includes all of the needed CPAN modules for cPanel & WHM development by cPanel. They are not necessarily needed for anything on a cPanel & WHM installation, but you may find them helpful during your own perl development. The first two nu...

CPANEL/Task-Cpanel-Internal-11.36.001 - 19 Jul 2012 16:05:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Search::Elasticsearch::Async - Async API for Elasticsearch using Promises 1 ++

Search::Elasticsearch::Async is the official asynchronous Perl client for Elasticsearch, supported by elasticsearch.com <http://www.elasticsearch.com>. Elasticsearch itself is a flexible and powerful open source, distributed real-time search and anal...

DRTECH/Search-Elasticsearch-Async-1.13 - 13 Jun 2014 11:50:54 GMT - Search in distribution

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