Crypt::OTP - Perl implementation of the One Time Pad (hence, OTP) encryption method.

The One Time Pad encryption method is very simple, and impossible to crack without the actual pad file against which the to-be-encrypted message is XOR'ed. Encryption and decryption are performed using excactly the same method, and the message will d...

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Toolbox::CryptOTP - Play around with one-time-pad type encryption

A module meant for those interested in learning abotu cryptography... the methods used here are not MEANT to be secure, and should be used solely to understand the principles of encryption. DO NOT use any function in this module to attempt to protect...

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Crypt::OTP26 - a classic form of encryption

This implements a mod-26 One Time Pad encryption, similar to the sort classically used with pen and paper, as described in <> Its primary use is to explore the intriguing situation detailed at <http://itre.cis...

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Crypt::PKCS11::CK_OTP_PARAM - Perl interface to PKCS #11 CK_OTP_PARAM structure

This is the Perl interface for the C structure CK_OTP_PARAM in PKCS #11. See PKCS #11 documentation for more information about the structure and what it is used for....

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Auth::Yubikey_Decrypter - Decrypting the output from the yubikey token

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Crypt::PerfectPaperPasswords - Steve Gibson's Perfect Paper Passwords

From <> GRC's "Perfect Paper Passwords" (PPP) system is a straightforward, simple and secure implementation of a paper-based One Time Password (OTP) system. When used in conjunction with an account name & password, the indi...

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