Cvs - Object oriented interface to the CVS command

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Meta::Pdmt::Cvs::Cvs - Pdmt driver for the CVS source control system.

Put a lot of documentation here to show what your class does....

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VCS::Cvs - notes for the CVS implementation

Currently, the user needs to ensure that the environmental requirements for CVS command line tools are satisfied....

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Apache::CVS - method handler provide a web interface to CVS repositories

"Apache::CVS" is a method handler that provide a web interface to CVS repositories. Please see "CONFIGURATION" to see what configuration options are available. To get started you'll at least need to set CVSRoots to your local CVS Root directory. "Apa...

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CVS::Metrics - Utilities for process cvs log

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Tie::Cvs - Perl extension to tie Hashes to CVS trees

Use it normally, as any other tie. Complete deletion of a key Each time you call delete on a key, the current version will be deleted, and the value will roll back to the previous version in CVS. If there is no previous version, the file will be dele...

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Crypt::CVS - Substitution cipher for CVS passwords

The CVS protocol uses a substitution cipher for passwords going over the wire. From src/scramble.c in GNU CVS's source distribution: Trivially encode strings to protect them from innocent eyes (i.e., inadvertent password compromises, like a network a...

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Cvs::Trigger - Argument parsers for CVS triggers

CVS provides three different hooks to intercept check-ins. They can be used to approve/reject check-ins or to take action, like logging the check-in in a database. "commitinfo" Gets executed before the check-in happens. If it returns a false value (u...

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PANT::Cvs - PANT support for cvs operations

This module is part of a set to help run automated builds of a project and to produce a build log. This part is designed to provide support for cvs. Most cvs operations can be simply run as Command's from the main module, but occasionally you want to...

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  • PANT - Perl extension for ANT/NANT like build environments

Cvs::Simple - Perl interface to cvs

"Cvs::Simple" is an attempt to provide an easy-to-use wrapper that allows cvs commands to be executed from within a Perl program, without the programmer having to wade through the (many) cvs global and command-specific options. The methods provided f...

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VCI::VCS::Cvs - Object-oriented interface to CVS

This is a "driver" for VCI for the CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) version-control system. You can find out more about CVS at <>. For information on how to use VCI::VCS::Cvs, see VCI....

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  • TheOneRing - A high level perl class to bind all VCs together

Kwiki::Archive::Cvs - Kwiki Page Archival Using CVS

This is a direct modification of Brian Ingerson's Kwiki::Archive::Rcs module to work with CVS instead of RCS. It was written and tested against the 0.33 release of Kwiki. * The underlying CVS command must support the -Q option (specifies 'really quie...

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VCS::Which::Plugin::CVS - CVS plugin for VCS::Which

The plugin for the Concurrent Versioning System (CVS)...

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  • vcsvimdiff - Uses vimdiff to compare a file with it unmodified version or historic versions from git, subversion, bazaar or cvs.

App::adminguide::cvs - Administration Guide for CVS

The following is a list of installation stories for installing CVS correctly....

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File::Find::Rule::CVS - find files based on CVS metadata

File::Find::Rule::CVS extends File::Find::Rule to add clauses based on the contents of CVS/Entries files....

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App::KGB::Client::CVS - KGB interface to CVS

App::KGB::Client::CVS provides CVS-specific retrieval of commits and changes for App::KGB::Client....

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LCFG::Build::VCS::CVS - LCFG build tools for CVS version-control

This is part of a suite of tools designed to provide a standardised interface to version-control systems so that the LCFG build tools can deal with project version-control in a high-level abstract fashion. This module implements the interface specifi...

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Test::AutoBuild::Repository::CVS - A repository for CVS

This module provides access to source within a CVS repository....

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