D64::Disk::BAM - Processing the BAM (Block Availability Map) area of the Commodore disk images (D64 format only)

Sector 0 of the directory track contains the BAM (Block Availability Map) and disk name/ID. This package provides the complete set of methods essential for accessing, managing and manipulating the contents of the BAM area of the Commodore disk images...

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D64::Disk::Image - Perl interface to Per Olofsson's "diskimage.c", an ANSI C library for manipulating Commodore disk images

Per Olofsson's "diskimage.c" is an ANSI C library for manipulating Commodore disk images. In Perl the following operations are implemented via "D64::Disk::Image" package: * Open file ('$' reads directory) * Delete file * Rename file * Format disk * A...

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D64::Disk::Layout::Dir - Handling entire Commodore (D64/D71/D81) disk image directories in pure Perl

"D64::Disk::Layout::Dir" provides a helper class for "D64::Disk::Layout" module, enabling users to access and manipulate entire directories of D64/D71/D81 disk images in an object oriented way without the hassle of worrying about the meaning of indiv...

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