DBD::SQLite - Self-contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver River stage four • 510 direct dependents • 1382 total dependents

SQLite is a public domain file-based relational database engine that you can find at <https://www.sqlite.org/>. DBD::SQLite is a Perl DBI driver for SQLite, that includes the entire thing in the distribution. So in order to get a fast transaction cap...

ISHIGAKI/DBD-SQLite-1.64 - 12 Aug 2019 09:02:59 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::SQLite2 - Self Contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver (sqlite 2.x) River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

SQLite is a public domain RDBMS database engine that you can find at http://www.sqlite.org/. Rather than ask you to install SQLite first, because SQLite is public domain, DBD::SQLite2 includes the entire thing in the distribution. So in order to get ...

RURBAN/DBD-SQLite2-0.38 - 29 Sep 2018 11:21:56 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::SQLite::Amalgamation - Single C-file based DBD::SQLite distribution River stage zero No dependents

This module is nothing but a stub for an experimental way to distribute Matt Sergeant's DBD::SQLite, using the concatenated C files (the *amalgamation*) as provided by the SQLite Consortium. As of version 3.5.8, the "FTS3" full-text search engine is ...

AUDREYT/DBD-SQLite-Amalgamation- - 16 Aug 2008 14:52:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Module::Build::DBD::SQLite - SQLite specifics for Module::Build::DB River stage zero No dependents

This module contains a number of class methods called by Module::Build::DB to handle SQLite specific tasks when detecting, building, and updating a database. Methods All methods are class methods. "get_client()" my $client = Module::Build::DBD::SQLit...

DWHEELER/Module-Build-DB-0.10 - 08 Oct 2010 02:29:50 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::DBSchema::DBD::SQLite - SQLite native driver for DBIx::DBSchema River stage two • 4 direct dependents • 46 total dependents

This module implements a SQLite-native driver for DBIx::DBSchema....

IVAN/DBIx-DBSchema-0.45 - 07 May 2015 05:20:18 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::TextIndex::DBD::SQLite - Driver for SQLite River stage zero No dependents

Contains SQLite-specific overrides for methods of DBIx::TextIndex::DBD. Used internally by DBIx::TextIndex....

DKOCH/DBIx-TextIndex-0.28 - 22 Apr 2008 16:30:27 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::SQLite::FTS3Transitional - helper function for migrating FTS3 applications River stage zero No dependents

Starting from version 1.31, "DBD::SQLite" uses the new, recommended "Enhanced Query Syntax" for binary set operators in fulltext FTS3 queries (AND, OR, NOT, possibly nested with parenthesis). Previous versions of "DBD::SQLite" used the "Standard Quer...

DAMI/DBD-SQLite-FTS3Transitional-1.00 - 07 Sep 2010 22:49:41 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::SQLite::BundledExtensions - Provide a series of C extensions for DBD::SQLite and some helper functions to load them River stage zero No dependents

SIMCOP/Alien-DBD-SQLite-BundledExtensions-0.001 - 29 Dec 2016 19:13:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::DBI::ClassGenerator::DBD::SQLite - SQLite-specific helper module for Class::DBI::ClassGenerator. River stage zero No dependents

DCANTRELL/Class-DBI-ClassGenerator-1.04 - 05 Jun 2014 20:32:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::DBD::SQLite - SQLite driver River stage two • 5 direct dependents • 15 total dependents

SIXAPART/Data-ObjectDriver-0.18 - 09 Jul 2019 08:21:37 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::PgLite::MirrorPgToSQLite - Mirror tables from PostgreSQL to SQLite River stage zero No dependents

GRUBER/DBD-PgLite-0.11 - 21 Nov 2008 14:39:29 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/DBIx/Skinny/DBD/SQLite.pm River stage two • 8 direct dependents • 13 total dependents

NEKOKAK/DBIx-Skinny-0.0742 - 20 Sep 2011 16:39:37 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/DBI/Filesystem/DBD/SQLite.pm River stage zero No dependents

LDS/sqlfs-perl-1.04 - 27 Jun 2013 16:07:27 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Qudo/Driver/DBI/DBD/SQLite.pm River stage zero No dependents

MASARTZ/Qudo-Driver-DBI-0.03 - 04 Nov 2010 14:40:18 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Data/Model/Driver/DBI/DBD/SQLite.pm River stage zero No dependents

YAPPO/Data-Model-0.00008 - 08 Jul 2013 11:21:40 GMT - Search in distribution

util/SQLiteUtil.pm River stage zero No dependents

TGASIBA/DBD-SQLcipher-0.02 - 23 May 2016 07:48:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Alien::sqlite - Compile the Sqlite library River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

This Alien package is probably most useful for compilation of other modules, e.g. Geo::GDAL::FFI. The Sqlite library can already be accessed from Perl code via the DBD::SQLite package....

SLAFFAN/Alien-sqlite-1.02 - 29 Dec 2018 04:53:00 GMT - Search in distribution

ORLite - Extremely light weight SQLite-specific ORM River stage two • 13 direct dependents • 87 total dependents

SQLite is a light single file SQL database that provides an excellent platform for embedded storage of structured data. However, while it is superficially similar to a regular server-side SQL database, SQLite has some significant attributes that make...

ADAMK/ORLite-1.98 - 30 Sep 2012 22:52:05 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::Cego - Perl database DBD interface for Cego River stage zero No dependents

Cego is a relational database system available as opensource. For more information, please look at www.lemke-it.com Before building and using the Cego DBD interface, you have to install the required Cego C+ library ( plus friends ). Thanks to Matt Se...

COMPLX/DBD-cego-1.4.0 - 08 Nov 2017 10:09:40 GMT - Search in distribution

MPMinusX::AuthSsn - MPMinus AAA via Apache::Session and DBD::SQLite River stage zero No dependents

Methods of using METHOD #1. MPMINUS HANDLERS LEVEL (RECOMENDED) sub hInit { ... my $usid = $usr{usid} || $q->cookie('usid') || ''; $ssn = new MPMinusX::AuthSsn( $m, $usid ); ... } sub hResponse { ... my $access = $ssn->access( sub { my $self = shift;...

ABALAMA/MPMinusX-AuthSsn-1.01 - 30 May 2019 07:45:07 GMT - Search in distribution

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