DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler - Extensible DBIx::Class deployment

"DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler" is, as its name suggests, a tool for deploying and upgrading databases with DBIx::Class. It is designed to be much more flexible than DBIx::Class::Schema::Versioned, hence the use of Moose and lots of roles. "DBIx::Cl...

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DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler::CLI - Command line interface for deployment handler

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The standard DeploymentHandler storage only stores the version of the schema. This means you can't deploy multiple DH-handled DBIC schemata into the same database. This module has an extra column to store the schema that it is deploying as well as th...

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App::DH - Deploy your DBIx::Class Schema to DDL/Database via DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler

App::DH is a basic skeleton of a command line interface for the excellent "DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler", to make executing database deployment stages easier....

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Monorail - Database Migrations

This module attempts to provide a simplier and more robust way to manage database migrations with DBIx::Class. This library borrows (steals!) ideas heavily from django's migrations <https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.9/topics/migrations/>. The main ...

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Data::Demos - Database Migration Demos

Data::Demos is set of tools for quickly creating demo databases and applying migration stories to them. It has the following concepts: "data-demo" The command line tool for interacting with Data::Demos. Sources Open data provider web sites Datasets V...

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DBIx::Class::Migration::FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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DBIx::Class::Schema::Diff - Identify differences between two DBIx::Class schemas

General-purpose schema differ for DBIx::Class to identify changes between two DBIC Schemas. Currently tracks added/deleted/changed events and deep diffing across 5 named types of source data: * columns * relationships * constraints * table_name * isa...

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DBIx::Schema::UpToDate - Helps keep a database schema up to date

This module provides a base class for keeping a database schema up to date. If you need to make changes to the schema in remote databases in an automated manner you may not be able to ensure what version of the database is installed by the time it ge...

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DBIx::Class::Schema::Versioned - DBIx::Class::Schema plugin for Schema upgrades

This module provides methods to apply DDL changes to your database using SQL diff files. Normally these diff files would be created using "create_ddl_dir" in DBIx::Class::Schema. A table called *dbix_class_schema_versions* is created and maintained b...

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MySQL::Workbench::DBIC - create DBIC scheme for MySQL workbench .mwb files

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DBIx::Class::DeploymentAdapter - Deployment handler adapter to your DBIC app, which offers some candy

Deployment handler adapter to your DBIC app, which offers some candy...

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Dist::Zilla::Plugin::CheckDeploymentHandlerFiles - Check you've created the DH files for this version

If you have a schema that uses DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler then your deployment will bail if you don't have a directory for migrating to the current version. If your schema is part of a wider module it's fairly likely that you'll forget to create ...

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Catalyst::Helper::DBIC::DeploymentHandler - Create a script/myapp_dbicdh.pl to help manage your DBIC deployments

This is a Catalyst helper module that builds a DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler script for you. VERY EARLY CODE: things may yet change, but shouldn't impact older versions (unless you regenerate the script)....

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