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DBIx::MyParse - Perl API for MySQL's SQL Parser ++

This module provides access to MySQL's SQL parser, which is a full-featured lexx/yacc-based SQL parser, complete with subqueries and various MySQL extensions. Please check the documentation for DBIx::MyParse::Query to see how you can access the parse...

PHILIPS/DBIx-MyParse-0.88   (1 review) - 18 Jul 2007 16:00:04 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::MyParseX::Query - Extended methods to DBIx::MyParse::Query ++

This extension provides exteneded functionality for the DBIx::MyParse::Query module. Calls DBIx::MyParse::Query and DBIx::MyParseX. Extends DBIx::MyParse::Query. All methods are defined in the DBIx::MyParse::Query package space METHODS hasSelect $que...

CTBROWN/DBIx-MyParseX-0.06 - 02 Nov 2008 22:27:26 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::MyParsePP - Pure-perl SQL parser based on MySQL grammar and lexer ++

"DBIx::MyParsePP" is a pure-perl SQL parser that implements the MySQL grammar and lexer. The grammar was automatically converted from the original "sql_yacc.yy" file by removing all the C code. The lexer comes from "sql_lex.cc", completely translated...

PHILIPS/DBIx-MyParsePP-0.50 - 18 Aug 2007 03:22:28 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::MyServer - Server-side implementation of the MySQL network protocol ++

This module emulates the server side of the MySQL protocol. This allows you to run your own faux-MySQL servers which can accept commands and queries and reply accordingly. Please see "examples/myserver.pl" for a system that allows building functional...

PHILIPS/DBIx-MyServer-0.42 - 26 Jun 2010 13:00:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Babel - Translator for biological identifiers ++

Data::Babel translates biological identifiers based on information contained in a database. Each Data::Babel object provides a unique mapping over a set of identifier types. The system as a whole can contain multiple Data::Babel objects; these may sh...

NATG/Data-Babel-1.13 - 29 Oct 2013 13:07:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Rosetta::Utility::SQLParser - Parse ANSI/ISO SQL:2003 and other SQL variants ++

This module is a reference implementation of fundamental Rosetta::Model features. The Rosetta::Utility::SQLParser Perl 5 module is a functional but quickly built Rosetta::Model utility class that converts one or more SQL strings into a set of related...

DUNCAND/Rosetta-Utility-SQLParser-v0.3.0 - 14 Jan 2006 03:57:52 GMT - Search in distribution

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