DBIx::Tree::NestedSet ++

This module implements a "Nested Set" parent/child tree, and is focused (at least in my mind) towards offering methods that make developing web applications easier. It should be generally useful, though. See the "SEE ALSO" section for resources that ...

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DBIx::Class::Tree::NestedSet - Manage trees of data using the nested set model 3 ++

This module provides methods for working with nested set trees. The nested tree model is a way of representing hierarchical information in a database. This takes a different approach to the Adjacency List implementation. (see DBIx::Class::Tree::Adjac...

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Data::NestedSet - calculate left - right values from depth (modified preorder tree traversal algorithm) ++

Based on the depth,the Data::NestedSet allows you to get the left and right values for a modified preorder tree. MOTIVATION You've decided to deal with hiearachical data within your database by using the nested set model (adjacency list model is an o...

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DBIx::Class::Graph 1 ++

This module allows to create and interact with a directed graph. It will take care of storing the information in a relational database. It uses Graph for calculations. This module extends the DBIx::Class::ResultSet. Some methods are added to the resu...

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DBIx::Tree::Persist - Play with Tree and Tree::Persist a la DBIx::Tree ++
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Tree::DAG_Node::Persist - Persist multiple trees in a single db table, preserving child order ++
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DBIx::Tree::MaterializedPath - fast DBI queries and updates on "materialized path" trees ++

This module implements database storage for a "materialized path" parent/child tree. Most methods (other than "new()") can act on any node in the tree, including the root node. For documentation on additional methods see DBIx::Tree::MaterializedPath:...

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Bio::Chado::Schema::Result::Phylogeny::Phylonode 4 ++

This is the most pervasive element in the phylogeny module, cataloging the "phylonodes" of tree graphs. Edges are implied by the parent_phylonode_id reflexive closure. For all nodes in a nested set implementation the left and right index will be *bet...

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