DBIx::Wrapper::VerySimple - Simplify use of DBI

Provides a wrapper around DBI. Note: the reason we don't test the connection and attempt to reconnect is that this module is most likely used in a web environment with mod_perl and Apache::DBI, and Apache::DBI will attempt to reconnect if the databas...

MATISSE/DBIx-Wrapper-VerySimple-0.051 - 02 Nov 2006 04:15:50 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::Array - This module is a wrapper around DBI with array interfaces

This module provides a Perl data structure interface for Structured Query Language (SQL). This module is for people who truly understand SQL and who understand Perl data structures. If you understand how to modify your SQL to meet your data requireme...

MRDVT/DBIx-Array-0.49 - 12 May 2014 04:21:19 GMT - Search in distribution

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