DBX - Perl extension to simplify and enhance the DBI with minimal overhead ++

The DBX family of modules provides a layer of abstraction over the DBI. The DBX provides a simple cursor system, and a simple field retrieval and updating system. The DBX module exports no subroutines. To connect to a data source, use the following c...

BATKINS/DBX-0.1 - 14 Feb 2003 20:03:50 GMT - Search in distribution

Mail::Box::Dbx - read Outlook Express folders 9 ++

This documentation describes how to read from Outlook Express (dbx) folders. Even on Unix/Linux, you can access these folders to read the data, or copy it to a different format. Modifying of xbd files is not supported. These dbx folders are accessed ...

MARKOV/Mail-Box-2.118   (5 reviews) - 26 Feb 2015 11:54:30 GMT - Search in distribution

SQL::DBx::Pg - add various features to Pg 1 ++

SQL::DBx::Pg adds the *nextval()* and *currval()* convenience methods to SQL::DB. METHODS nextval( $name ) -> Int Advance the sequence to its next value and return that value. currval( $name ) -> Int Return the current value of the sequence. SEE ALSO...

MLAWREN/SQL-DB-0.971.2 - 20 Jan 2015 21:24:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Garden - bootstrap Rose::DB::Object and Rose::HTML::Form classes ++

Rose::DBx::Garden bootstraps Rose::DB::Object and Rose::HTML::Form based projects. The idea is that you can point the module at a database and end up with work-able RDBO and Form classes with a single method call. Rose::DBx::Garden creates scaffoldin...

KARMAN/Rose-DBx-Garden-0.193 - 10 Jul 2014 13:07:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Mail::Transport::Dbx - Parse Outlook Express mailboxes ++

Mail::Transport::Dbx gives you platform independent access to Outlook Express' dbx files. Extract subfolders, messages etc. from those or use it to convert dbx archives into a more portable format (such as standard mbox format). It relies on LibDBX t...

VPARSEVAL/Mail-Transport-Dbx-0.07   (1 review) - 23 Jun 2005 19:17:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Bouquet - Use a database schema to generate Rose-based source code ++
RSAVAGE/Rose-DBx-Bouquet-1.04 - 24 Aug 2010 07:38:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::TestDB - test Rose::DB::Object modules ++
KARMAN/Rose-DBx-TestDB-0.05 - 07 Jan 2010 06:02:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::MoreConfig - Rose::DB base class with extra configuration options ++

This package provides a base class for modules defining Rose::DB data sources. It extends Rose::DB to allow more flexibility in placement of the YAML configuration file, in order to better accommodate packaged distributions, shared repositories, and ...

CBAIL/Rose-DBx-MoreConfig-1.01 - 19 Mar 2015 00:03:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::RegistryConfig - Rose::DB with auto-registration of data sources from YAML configuration file ++

Rose::DBx::RegistryConfig helps you work with data source definitions in YAML-based configuration files, supporting multiple "namespace representations." It allows you to register Rose data sources without hard-coding anything directly in source code...

KERISMAN/Rose-DBx-RegistryConfig-0.01 - 05 Feb 2009 20:31:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst - plant Roses in your Catalyst garden ++

Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst extends Rose::DBx::Garden to create Catalyst component scaffolding. These created components use the RDBO and RHTMLO classes that the Garden class produces. The base Controller, Model and View classes are simple subclasses...

KARMAN/Rose-DBx-Garden-Catalyst-0.180 - 01 Jun 2014 05:08:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Object::MoreHelpers - more mixin helpers for RDBO ++

In the tradition of Rose::DB::Object::Helpers, more importable methods. This class inherits from Rose::Object::MixIn. See the Rose::Object::MixIn documentation for a full explanation of how to import methods from this class. The helper methods themse...

KARMAN/Rose-DBx-Object-MoreHelpers-0.100 - 22 Apr 2014 16:38:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::AutoReconnect - Rose::DB with auto-reconnect to server ++

Rose::DBx::AutoReconnect is a subclass of Rose::DB. Additional features include: * If using new_or_cached() method, will ping() dbh on every fetch from cache to ensure that the dbh is connected. This extends the basic Rose::DB::Cache behaviour beyond...

KARMAN/Rose-DBx-AutoReconnect-0.04 - 18 Aug 2012 07:42:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Object::Indexed - full-text search for RDBO classes ++

Rose::DBx::Object::Indexed is a base class like Rose::DB::Object, with the added feature that your objects are added to a full-text index every time they are saved. The idea is that you can provide full-text search for your database simply by subclas...

KARMAN/Rose-DBx-Object-Indexed-0.009 - 22 Oct 2012 21:14:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Object::Builder - Database Table Schema Generation for Rose::DB::Object ++

Rose::DBx::Object::Builder generates database table schemas from simple, succinct sentences. It alleviates the need to specify the data type for every table columns and simplifies the tedious work of setting up common table relationships. The generat...

DANNY/Rose-DBx-Object-Builder-0.09 - 20 Nov 2010 02:01:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Object::Renderer - Web UI Rendering for Rose::DB::Object ++

Rose::DBx::Object::Renderer generates forms, tables, menus, and charts for Rose::DB::Object. The generated UIs encapsulate sensible web conventions as default behaviours, such as rendering email addresses as 'mailto' links and enforce appropriate val...

DANNY/Rose-DBx-Object-Renderer-0.77   (1 review) - 27 Sep 2012 08:03:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Role::NestTransaction - Nested transactions support for Rose::DB 1 ++

This module provides a role for Rose::DB. Just consume the role in your Rose::DB subclass METHODS nest_transaction These methods behaves like do_transaction but it repects existing transactions and do not start new one if the transaction already star...

KOORCHIK/Rose-DBx-Role-NestTransaction-0.03 - 19 Apr 2013 15:01:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Object::InternalPager - Throttle Rose DB Iterator Fetching ++

"Rose::DBx::Object::InternalPager" is a 3rd party module for "Rose::DB" iterators to work around MySQL client's limited control over how many rows are fetched from the database at a time. "Rose::DBx::Object::InternalPager" provides a hack to limit th...

MSCHILLI/Rose-DBx-Object-InternalPager-0.03 - 22 Jun 2007 03:03:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Object::Cached::CHI - Rose::DB::Object Cache using the CHI interface ++

This module intends to extend the caching ability in Rose::DB::Object allowing objects to be cached by any driver that can be used with the CHI interface. This opens the possibility to cache objects across scripts or even servers by opening up method...

KMCGRATH/Rose-DBx-Object-Cached-CHI-0.22 - 26 Oct 2012 17:16:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Object::Cached::FastMmap - Rose::DB::Object Cache Cache::FastMmap ++

This module intends to extend the caching ability in Rose::DB::Object allowing objects to be cached wth Cache::FastMmap. This module was created becaue of speed issues with Rose::DBx::Object::Cached::CHI. Those issues arise do to the overhead that th...

KMCGRATH/Rose-DBx-Object-Cached-FastMmap-0.05 - 26 Dec 2011 18:24:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Rose::DBx::Object::Loader::FormMaker - Automatically create RHTMLO Forms with the RDBO Loader ++
APRIME/Rose-DBx-Object-Loader-FormMaker-0.03 - 16 Mar 2008 04:51:32 GMT - Search in distribution