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App::Plog - The one and a half minute blog River stage zero No dependents

Generate a rudimentary HTML blog....

NKH/App-Plog-0.01.12 - 08 May 2010 15:36:26 UTC - Search in distribution

Devel::Hide - Forces the unavailability of specified Perl modules (for testing) River stage three • 13 direct dependents • 326 total dependents

Given a list of Perl modules/filenames, this module makes "require" and "use" statements fail (no matter the specified files/modules are installed or not). They *die* with a message like: Can't locate Module/ in @INC (hidden) The original in...

DCANTRELL/Devel-Hide-0.0015 - 28 Sep 2021 22:45:29 UTC - Search in distribution

AI::NaiveBayes1 - Naive Bayes Classification River stage zero No dependents

This module implements the classic "Naive Bayes" machine learning algorithm. Data Structure An object contains the following fields: "{attributes}" List of attribute names. "{attribute_type}{$a}" Attribute types - 'real', or not (e.g., 'nominal') "{l...

VLADO/AI-NaiveBayes1-2.012 - 29 May 2021 14:05:00 UTC - Search in distribution

Data::HexDump - Hexadecial Dumper River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

This module will generate a hexadecimal dump of a data string or file. You can either use the exported function, as shown in the SYNOPSIS above, or the OO interface, described below. The second example from the SYNOPSIS generated this output: 00 01 0...

NEILB/Data-HexDump-0.04 - 03 Apr 2021 13:57:41 UTC - Search in distribution
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