PDL::Bad - PDL always processes bad values River stage two • 90 direct dependents • 97 total dependents

This module is loaded when you do "use PDL", "Use PDL::Lite" or "PDL::LiteF". Implementation details are given in PDL::BadValues....

ETJ/PDL-2.080 - 28 May 2022 16:44:03 UTC - Search in distribution

Inline::SLang - Write Perl subroutines in S-Lang. River stage zero No dependents

The "Inline::SLang" module lets you write Perl subroutines in S-Lang. It dynamically translates the parameters and return values into native data types for both languages (or into Perl classes that are used to represent S-Lang types with no direct tr...

DJBURKE/Inline-SLang-1.00 - 04 Jan 2005 17:26:59 UTC - Search in distribution

Astro::Cosmology - calculate cosmological distances, volumes, and times River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a set of routines to calculate a number of cosmological quantities based on distance and time. Some are a bit complex - e.g. the volume element at a given redshift - while some, such as the conversion between flux and luminosity,...

DJBURKE/Astro-Cosmology-0.90 - 04 Aug 2001 15:53:34 UTC - Search in distribution
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