DNS::TinyDNS - Perl extension for manipulating djbdns ++

This module will allow you to manipulate djbdns files. You can configure the options of dnscache, list, add, remove, or modify all the entrys of your dns server too. Please check the documentation of DNS::TinyDNS::dnscache or DNS::TinyDNS::dnsserver ...

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Provision::Unix::DNS::tinydns - Provision tinydns DNS entries ++
MSIMERSON/Provision-Unix-1.07   (1 review) - 10 Sep 2014 08:13:50 GMT - Search in distribution

DNS::Oterica::RecordMaker::TinyDNS - a tinydns recordmaker for DNSO. ++

This role provides logic for generating lines for the tinydns-data program to consume. METHODS comment my $line = $rec->comment("Hello, world!"); This returns a line that is a one-line commment. location This returns a location line. a_and_ptr Genera...

RJBS/DNS-Oterica-0.205 - 15 Dec 2014 14:42:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Config::TinyDNS - Manipulate tinydns' data file ++

Tinydns, the DNS server in Dan Bernstein's djbdns package, uses a simple line-based format instead of a zone file. The format was designed to be easy for machines to parse, so it sometimes requires rather a lot of repetition. This module provides fun...

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TinyDNS::Record - Parse a single TinyDNS Record. ++

This module provides an object API to a single TinyDNS record/line. It is not quite valid because: * We SOA records, which Amazon would handle for us. * Our TXT records handling uses "T" not ":". * Our MX record handling allows a name to be set with ...

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Net::DNS::Create::Tiny - TinyDNS (djbdns) backend for Net::DNS::Create ++

You should never use Net::DNS::Create::Tiny directly. Instead pass "Tiny" to Net::DNS::Create in the "use" line. OPTIONS Net::DNS::Create::Tiny has no specific options. MASTER PARAMETERS master "filename"; "filename" The file name for the configurati...

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