Dancer::Plugin::Interchange6 - Interchange6 Shop Plugin for Dancer

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Interchange6 - Open Source Shop Machine

Interchange6, the Open Source Shop Machine, is the Modern Perl ecosystem for online business. It uses the DBIx::Class database schema Interchange6::Schema. This module provides the following APIs: Carts Interchange6::Cart Cart Products Interchange6::...

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HTTP::ClientDetect - Detect language and location of an HTTP request

This module by itself doesn't do nothing. You have to load one or more of its children, as per synopsis. The object passed to the methods has to be an object which at least has an "header" method for the language detection, or "address" or "remote_ad...

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Dancer::Session::DBIC - DBIx::Class session engine for Dancer

This module implements a session engine for Dancer by serializing the session, and storing it in a database via DBIx::Class. The default serialization method is JSON, though one can specify any serialization format you want. YAML and Storable are via...

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Interchange6::Schema::Manual::Cookbook - Miscellaneous recipes

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