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Dancer::Plugin::WebDAV - Defines routes for methods of HTTP WebDAV ++

Dancer::Plugin::WebDAV provides the routes controllers to define routes for WebDAV. Just like the routes controllers any, get, patch, post, del, options and put. Please making sure your server implementation accepts HTTP methods from WebDAV. The bin/...

SHELLING/Dancer-Plugin-WebDAV-0.0.5 - 11 Nov 2012 18:15:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer::Plugin::Paginate - HTTP 1.1 Range-based Pagination for Dancer apps. ++

HTTP 1.1 Range-based Pagination for Dancer apps. Provides a simple wrapper to provide pagination of results via the HTTP 1.1 Range headers for AJAX requests. SYNOPSIS To use, simply add the "paginate" keyword to any route that should support HTTP Ran...

CASAO/Dancer-Plugin-Paginate-1.0.2 - 11 May 2014 03:28:56 GMT - Search in distribution

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