Data::ICal::DateTime - convenience methods for using Data::ICal with DateTime ++

METHODS events [span] [period] Provides a Data::ICal object with a method to return all events. If a DateTime::Set, DateTime::Span or DateTime::SpanSet object is passed then only the events that occur within that set will be returned including expans...

SIMONW/Data-ICal-DateTime-0.81 - 24 Nov 2014 18:18:38 GMT - Search in distribution

DateTime - A date and time object for Perl 145 ++

DateTime is a class for the representation of date/time combinations, and is part of the Perl DateTime project. For details on this project please see <>. The DateTime site has a FAQ which may help answer many "how do I do X?...

DROLSKY/DateTime-1.18   (14 reviews) - 05 Jan 2015 14:55:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::vFile - Generic module which can read and write "vFile" files such as vCard (RFC 2426) and vCalendar (RFC 2445). The result of loading this data is a collection of objects which will grant you easy access to the properties. Then the module can write your objects back to a data file. ++
JLAWRENC/Net-vCard-0.5 - 05 May 2003 00:37:00 GMT - Search in distribution

iCal::Parser - Parse iCalendar files into a data structure ++

This module processes iCalendar (vCalendar 2.0) files as specified in RFC 2445 into a data structure. It handles recurrences ("RRULE"s), exclusions ("EXDATE"s), event updates (events with a "RECURRENCE-ID"), and nested data structures ("ATTENDEES" an...

RFRANKEL/iCal-Parser-1.20   (1 review) - 15 Jun 2013 12:53:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::ICal::RDF - Turn iCal files into an RDF graph ++

This module is a processor context for turning Data::ICal objects into RDF data. By default it uses version 4 (i.e., random) UUIDs as subject nodes. METHODS new %PARAMS Initialize the processor context. resolve_uid Supply a callback function to resol...

DORIAN/Data-ICal-RDF-0.03 - 05 Mar 2015 18:13:42 GMT - Search in distribution

OurCal::Setup - how to set up OurCal ++
SIMONW/OurCal-1.2 - 30 Nov 2007 16:34:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Date::LibICal - Perl wrapper for libical ++

Date::LibICal is a non-complete interface for libical. Currently it is only useful to convert implicit icals into a list of explicit timeslots. EXPORT None by default. Exportable methods are: expand_recurrence. DEPENDENCIES This module only works und...

ACID/Date-LibICal-0.01 - 27 Oct 2013 17:14:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Set::Infinite - Sets of intervals ++

Set::Infinite is a Set Theory module for infinite sets. A set is a collection of objects. The objects that belong to a set are called its members, or "elements". As objects we allow (almost) anything: reals, integers, and objects (such as dates). We ...

FGLOCK/Set-Infinite-0.65 - 26 Apr 2010 18:36:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Calendar::List - A module for creating date lists 1 ++

The module is intended to be used to return a simple list, hash or scalar of calendar dates. This is achieved by two functions, calendar_list and calendar_selectbox. The former allows a return of a list of dates and a hash of dates, whereas the later...

BARBIE/Calendar-List-0.28 - 05 Oct 2014 02:05:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::BeLike::DOY - modules I use ++
DOY/Task-BeLike-DOY-0.12 - 18 Mar 2014 03:39:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::vFile::Base - Base class for most of the functional classes based on the vCard/vCalendar etc spec. Most of the hard work in breaking apart lines of data happens using methods in here. ++
JLAWRENC/Text-vFile-0.5   (1 review) - 06 May 2003 01:40:23 GMT - Search in distribution

DateTime::TimeZone - Time zone object base class and factory 14 ++

This class is the base class for all time zone objects. A time zone is represented internally as a set of observances, each of which describes the offset from GMT for a given time period. Note that without the DateTime module, this module does not do...

DROLSKY/DateTime-TimeZone-1.86 - 21 Mar 2015 15:17:40 GMT - Search in distribution

DateTime::TimeZone::ICal - iCal VTIMEZONE entry to DateTime::TimeZone ++

Conforming iCal documents (RFC 5545 <>) have three ways to represent "DATE-TIME" values: UTC, local, and specified through the "TZID" mechanism. "TZID" *parameters* in relevant properties are references to the same ...

DORIAN/DateTime-TimeZone-ICal-0.04 - 16 Mar 2015 16:38:03 GMT - Search in distribution

Mail::GcalReminder - Send reminders to Google calendar event guests ++

You can set gmail to send you reminders for stuff in your calendar but you can’t have it send reminders to guests. This module allows you to create scripts that grab a goodle calendar and send reminders to guests from your gmail account. INTERFACE ne...

DMUEY/Mail-GcalReminder-0.5 - 29 Dec 2014 03:37:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::ICal::Entry::Event - Represents an event in an iCalendar file 5 ++

A Data::ICal::Entry::Event object represents a single event in an iCalendar file. (Note that the iCalendar RFC refers to entries as "components".) It is a subclass of Data::ICal::Entry and accepts all of its methods. METHODS ical_entry_type Returns "...

ALEXMV/Data-ICal-0.22   (2 reviews) - 17 Feb 2015 07:25:45 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/ICal/ ++

This is the guts of ICal::QuickAdd, of interest to developers. Most users probably want the docs of iqa instead, which is a script which uses this module. new() $iqa = ICal::QuickAdd->new('tomorrow at noon. Lunch with Bob') ; # Default to expecting a...

MARKSTOS/ICal-QuickAdd-1.00 - 10 Mar 2010 02:44:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Advent::Year2007 - Modules of the 2007 Perl Advent Calendar ++
DAVIDRW/Advent-Bundles-0.05 - 21 Feb 2011 18:30:09 GMT - Search in distribution

DateTime::Format::Builder - Create DateTime parser classes and objects. 3 ++

DateTime::Format::Builder creates DateTime parsers. Many string formats of dates and times are simple and just require a basic regular expression to extract the relevant information. Builder provides a simple way to do this without writing reams of s...

DROLSKY/DateTime-Format-Builder-0.81 - 03 Apr 2013 04:02:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Google::Calendar::Entry - entry class for Net::Google::Calendar 2 ++

METHODS new Create a new Event object id [id] Get or set the id. title [title] Get or set the title. content [content] Get or set the content. author [author] Get or set the author transparency [transparency] Get or set the transparency. Transparency...

PLYTLE/Net-Google-Calendar-1.05   (6 reviews) - 18 Sep 2013 01:48:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Facebook::Graph::Cookbook::Recipe2 - Building a Full Web App 5 ++

A full working web app for those people who like to start hacking from a working example and make it their own. Prerequisite Modules You'll need to have all of the following modules installed in order to run this app (in addition to Facebook::Graph):...

RIZEN/Facebook-Graph-1.1000   (2 reviews) - 20 Mar 2015 18:39:03 GMT - Search in distribution