HCAMP/Data-Iterator-0.021 - 02 Jan 2001 13:53:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Iterator::Hierarchical - Iterate hierarchically over tabular data

This module allows nested loops to iterate in the natural way over a sorted rowset as would typically be returned from an SQL database query that is the result of naturally left joining several tables. In the example from the synopsis we want an inte...

NOBULL/Data-Iterator-Hierarchical-0.07 - 02 Nov 2008 14:07:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Model::Iterator - Data::Model's iteration class

YAPPO/Data-Model-0.00008 - 08 Jul 2013 11:21:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Iterator::EasyObj - Turn an array of arrays into an iterator object

Data::Iterator::EasyObj makes your array of arrays into a handy iterator object with the ability to further nest additional data structures including Data::Iterator::EasyObj objects. The iterator object provides direct access to the iterator contents...

TEEJAY/Data-Iterator-EasyObj-0.01 - 30 May 2003 00:17:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Transpose::Iterator::Errors - Iterator for validation errors.

HORNBURG/Data-Transpose-0.0023 - 31 Oct 2016 11:30:04 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::TableReader::Iterator - Base class for iterators (blessed coderefs)

This is the abstract base class for iterators used in Data::TableReader, which are blessed coderefs that return records on each call. The coderef should support a single argument of a "slice" to extract from the record, in case not all of the record ...

NERDVANA/Data-TableReader-0.005 - 26 Nov 2017 12:45:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::CircularList::Iterator - iterator for Data::CircularList's object.

SHINCHIT/Data-CircularList-0.03 - 14 Jan 2015 12:49:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Iterator::SlidingWindow - Iteration data with Sliding Window Algorithm

This module is iterate elements of Sliding Window....

HIDEAKIO/Data-Iterator-SlidingWindow-0.05 - 11 Jun 2014 18:31:04 GMT - Search in distribution


SIXAPART/Data-ObjectDriver-0.15 - 19 Apr 2017 01:24:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Bio::ToolBox::Data - Reading, writing, and manipulating data structure

This module works with the primary Bio::ToolBox Data structure. Simply, it is a complex data structure representing a tabbed-delimited table (array of arrays), with plenty of options for metadata. Many common bioinformatic file formats are simply tab...

TJPARNELL/Bio-ToolBox-1.53 - 02 Jan 2018 18:26:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Array - simple array iterator

This module implements Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Base and provides an array iterator. OO Methods * my $iterator=new Data::Range::Compare::Stream::Iterator::Array; Instance Constructor, all arguments are optional: factory_instance =>$obj...

AKALINUX/Data-Range-Compare-Stream-4.030 - 10 Dec 2015 21:52:31 GMT - Search in distribution

MMapDB - a simple database in shared memory

"MMapDB" implements a database similar to a hash of hashes of hashes, ..., of arrays of data. It's main design goals were: * very fast read access * lock-free read access for massive parallelism * minimal memory consumption per accessing process * tr...

OPI/MMapDB-0.15 - 10 Sep 2012 10:40:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::ArrayList::ListIterator - iterator for Data::ArrayList

Data::ArrayList::ListIterator provides iterator for Data::ArrayList....

AJGB/Data-ArrayList-0.01 - 15 Oct 2010 00:27:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Iterator::BreakOn::DataSource - Wrapper for extensions of Iterator::BreakOn

WARNING This is experimental code This module provides an auxiliary mechanism for those data sources not object oriented but we need use with Iterator::BreakOn....

VMORAL/Iterator-BreakOn-0.4 - 16 Oct 2007 12:52:35 GMT - Search in distribution


SZABGAB/WebService-GData-0.06 - 18 Oct 2013 07:43:13 GMT - Search in distribution


DAVEGMX/DataCube - 13 Aug 2009 20:20:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Conveyor::Stage::TransactionIterator - Stage-based conveyor-belt-like ticket handling system

MARCEL/Data-Conveyor-1.103130 - 09 Nov 2010 12:41:30 GMT - Search in distribution

DataStore::CAS::FS - Virtual Filesystem backed by Content-Addressable Storage

DataStore::CAS::FS extends the DataStore::CAS API to support directory objects which let you store store traditional file hierarchies in the CAS, and look up files by a path name (so long as you know the hash of the root). The methods provided allow ...

NERDVANA/DataStore-CAS-FS-0.011000 - 14 May 2013 06:53:16 GMT - Search in distribution

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