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Data::Message - parse and build header-and-body messages (kinda like email) ++

ACHTUNG! What's the point of this module? It isn't even clear to me, the current maintainer. Consider using Email::Simple or Email::MIME directly. This module is a generic interface to dealing with RFC2822 compliant messages. Email is the most common...

RJBS/Data-Message-1.104 - 13 Dec 2013 13:31:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::AMF::Message - AMF Message class ++

Data::AMF::Message is an object class for AMF Packet Message. SEE ALSO Data::AMF::Packet, Catalyst::Controller::FlashRemoting METHODS new Create new Data::AMF::Message object. result($result) Return normal response AMF Message object against current ...

TYPESTER/Data-AMF-0.09 - 31 Aug 2010 06:38:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Matts::Message::Parser - a MIME message parser for email and nttp ++

This is an email parser I originally wrote when I ran my own business that tries quite hard to decode the various parts of an email correctly and down to unicode so that all strings can be treated the same in perl. DO NOT USE THIS MODULE I urge you, ...

MSERGEANT/Matts-Message-Parser-1.0 - 02 Sep 2006 18:18:41 GMT - Search in distribution

perfSONAR_PS::Datatypes::v2_0::nmwg::Message::Data - A base class, implements 'data' element from the perfSONAR_PS RelaxNG schema ++

Object representation of the data element. Object fields are: Scalar: metadataIdRef, Scalar: id, Object reference: commonTime => type ARRAY, Object reference: datum => type ARRAY, Object reference: key => type HASH, The constructor accepts only singl...

PERFSONAR/perfSONAR_PS-Services-PingER-0.09 - 05 Apr 2008 22:13:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::MessagePack - MessagePack serializing/deserializing 10 ++

This module converts Perl data structures to MessagePack and vice versa. ABOUT MESSAGEPACK FORMAT MessagePack is a binary-based efficient object serialization format. It enables to exchange structured objects between many languages like JSON. But unl...

GFUJI/Data-MessagePack-0.48   (1 review) - 01 Sep 2013 06:44:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::MessagePack::Stream - yet another messagepack streaming deserializer ++

Data::MessagePack::Stream is streaming deserializer for MessagePack. This module is alternate for Data::MessagePack::Unpacker. Unlike original unpacker, this module support internal buffer and it's possible to handle streaming data correctly. METHODS...

TYPESTER/Data-MessagePack-Stream-0.07 - 25 Jul 2012 01:23:16 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Encoder::Data::MessagePack - Data::Encoder gateway for Data::MessagePack ++
XAICRON/Data-Encoder-0.05 - 30 Oct 2011 14:02:08 GMT - Search in distribution

DataFlow::Proc::MessagePack - A MessagePack converting processor ++
RUSSOZ/DataFlow-Proc-MessagePack-1.112100 - 29 Jul 2011 00:32:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Message::Stack::Parser::DataVerifier - Add messages to a Message::Stack from a Data::Verifier results ++

This class will add a message to the provided Message::Stack for every missing or invalid field in a Data::Verifier::Result. MAPPING The fields are mapped from Data::Verifier into a Message in the following way: Missing Fields msgid = "missing_$field...

GPHAT/Message-Stack-Parser-0.06 - 13 Apr 2012 14:54:03 GMT - Search in distribution

RPC::XML - A set of classes for core data, message and XML handling ++

The RPC::XML package is an implementation of the XML-RPC standard. The package as a whole provides classes for data, for clients, for servers and for parsers (based on the XML::Parser and XML::LibXML packages from CPAN). This module provides a set of...

RJRAY/RPC-XML-0.78   (3 reviews) - 07 Feb 2014 04:15:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Manager - The Marriage of Message::Stack & Data::Verifier 3 ++

Data::Manager provides a convenient mechanism for managing multiple Data::Verifier inputs with a single Message::Stack, as well as convenient retrieval of the results of verification. This module is useful if you have complex forms and you'd prefer t...

GPHAT/Data-Manager-0.10 - 12 Apr 2012 02:08:40 GMT - Search in distribution

P - Safer, friendlier printf/print/sprintf + say 3 ++

"P" is a combined printf, sprintf & say in 1 routine. It was designed to save on typing and undef checking when printing strings. It saves on in that you don't have constantly insert or move "newline"s ("\n"). If you change a string into a formatted ...

LAWALSH/P-1.1.24   (2 reviews) - 12 Jan 2014 10:18:53 GMT - Search in distribution

LS - Perl module for building clients and servers which resolve and perform metadata queries on LSIDs. ++

The LS module is used for building clients and servers which resolve LSIDs and perform metadata queries on LSIDs. More information on LSIDs can be found at <> makeAccessorMethods( $methodList, $package ) Cre...

EKAWAS/lsid-perl-1.1.7 - 05 Nov 2007 19:38:52 GMT - Search in distribution

EO - A generic base class 1 ++

This is a base class for the EO module tree. EO is designed to be a well tested, solid, simple, and long living base class that other modules can rely on. EO inherits from Class::Accessor::Chained, and anything that inherits from it can easily create...

JDUNCAN/EO-0.96 - 18 Jan 2005 21:20:18 GMT - Search in distribution

ur - command-line interface to UR 2 ++

The ur command is the entry point for a suite of tools to create and manage a module tree of UR classes, data sources, and views. It also includes launchers for some built-in services. SUB-COMMANDS See the help on specific sub-commands for details. i...

BRUMMETT/UR-0.43 - 03 Jul 2014 14:36:23 GMT - Search in distribution

TX - a simple template system based on Text::Template::Library ++

"Text::Template::Base" and "Text::Template::Library" are good at processing single templates. They lack the ability to manage sets of template files. This module adds that functionality in a (what I think) user friendly manner. The most important fun...

OPI/TX-0.09 - 14 Jun 2010 16:05:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Ph - provide a perl API for talking to CSO ph servers. ++

The Ph module provides a uniform API for *perl* scripts that need to talk to CSO ph servers. It handles many of the messy details automatically. It also maintains an open connection to the server, minimizing the costs of repeated openings and closing...

GDAMORE/Ph-2.01 - 06 Jun 1998 15:33:18 GMT - Search in distribution

GD - Interface to Gd Graphics Library 13 ++ is a Perl interface to Thomas Boutell's gd graphics library (version 2.01 or higher; see below). GD allows you to create color drawings using a large number of graphics primitives, and emit the drawings as PNG files. GD defines the following fo...

LDS/GD-2.53   (5 reviews) - 01 Apr 2014 14:26:31 GMT - Search in distribution

DB - programmatic interface to the Perl debugging API 210 ++

Perl debug information is frequently required not just by debuggers, but also by modules that need some "special" information to do their job properly, like profilers. This module abstracts and provides all of the hooks into Perl internal debugging f...

RJBS/perl-5.20.0   (5 reviews) - 27 May 2014 01:35:13 GMT - Search in distribution

DB - programmatic interface to the Perl debugging API 11 ++

Perl debug information is frequently required not just by debuggers, but also by modules that need some "special" information to do their job properly, like profilers. This module abstracts and provides all of the hooks into Perl internal debugging f...

ROCKY/Devel-Trepan-0.58 - 20 May 2014 23:47:26 GMT - Search in distribution

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