Data::Message - parse and build header-and-body messages (kinda like email)

ACHTUNG! What's the point of this module? It isn't even clear to me, the current maintainer. Consider using Email::Simple or Email::MIME directly. This module is a generic interface to dealing with RFC2822 compliant messages. Email is the most common...

RJBS/Data-Message-1.104 - 13 Dec 2013 13:31:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::AMF::Message - AMF Message class

Data::AMF::Message is an object class for AMF Packet Message....

TYPESTER/Data-AMF-0.09 - 31 Aug 2010 06:38:18 GMT - Search in distribution


KUNIYOSHI/WebService-ChatWorkApi-0.01 - 16 Aug 2015 06:40:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Matts::Message::Parser - a MIME message parser for email and nttp

This is an email parser I originally wrote when I ran my own business that tries quite hard to decode the various parts of an email correctly and down to unicode so that all strings can be treated the same in perl. DO NOT USE THIS MODULE I urge you, ...

MSERGEANT/Matts-Message-Parser-1.0 - 02 Sep 2006 18:18:41 GMT - Search in distribution

perfSONAR_PS::Datatypes::v2_0::nmwg::Message::Data - A base class, implements 'data' element from the perfSONAR_PS RelaxNG schema

Object representation of the data element. Object fields are: Scalar: metadataIdRef, Scalar: id, Object reference: commonTime => type ARRAY, Object reference: datum => type ARRAY, Object reference: key => type HASH, The constructor accepts only singl...

PERFSONAR/perfSONAR_PS-Services-PingER-0.09 - 05 Apr 2008 22:13:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::MessagePack - MessagePack serializing/deserializing

This module converts Perl data structures to MessagePack and vice versa....

SYOHEX/Data-MessagePack-1.00 - 21 Aug 2016 06:27:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Dumper::MessagePack - Dump MessagePack

GETTY/Data-Dumper-MessagePack-0.002 - 24 Sep 2015 07:18:00 GMT - Search in distribution
  • ddmp - Dump MessagePack

Data::MessagePack::Stream - yet another messagepack streaming deserializer

Data::MessagePack::Stream is streaming deserializer for MessagePack. This module is alternate for Data::MessagePack::Unpacker. Unlike original unpacker, this module support internal buffer and it's possible to handle streaming data correctly....

SYOHEX/Data-MessagePack-Stream-1.01 - 05 Sep 2016 15:04:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Encoder::Data::MessagePack - Data::Encoder gateway for Data::MessagePack

XAICRON/Data-Encoder-0.05 - 30 Oct 2011 14:02:08 GMT - Search in distribution

DataFlow::Proc::MessagePack - A MessagePack converting processor

RUSSOZ/DataFlow-Proc-MessagePack-1.112100 - 29 Jul 2011 00:32:09 GMT - Search in distribution


LACKITA/Data-Transit-0.8.04 - 13 Apr 2015 03:55:50 GMT - Search in distribution

Message::Stack::Parser::DataVerifier - Add messages to a Message::Stack from a Data::Verifier results

This class will add a message to the provided Message::Stack for every missing or invalid field in a Data::Verifier::Result....

GPHAT/Message-Stack-Parser-0.06 - 13 Apr 2012 14:54:03 GMT - Search in distribution

P - Safer, friendlier printf/print/sprintf + say

"P" is a combined print, printf, sprintf & say in 1 routine. It saves tremendously on development time. It's not just the 1 char verb, but has these time saving and powerful features: o No more switching between print, printf, sprintf, and say. Too o...

LAWALSH/P-1.1.37 - 07 May 2016 20:46:38 GMT - Search in distribution

bc - An arbitrary precision calculator language

*bc* is a language that supports arbitrary precision numbers with interactive execution of statements. There are some similarities in the syntax to the C programming language. A standard math library is available by command line option. If requested,...

CWEST/ppt-0.14 - 05 Aug 2004 14:48:58 GMT - Search in distribution


The "pft edit" command allows to conveniently edit a text entry in a *PFT* site. It takes care of creating a skeleton for the new entries, to position them correctly within your *PFT* site, and to maintain their position consistent with the type of c...

DACAV/App-PFT-v1.2.0 - 06 May 2017 12:54:26 GMT - Search in distribution

upf - Manipulate /etc/{passwd,shadow,group,gshadow} entries

PERLANCAR/App-upf-0.04 - 03 Sep 2015 07:56:45 GMT - Search in distribution

pp - PAR Packager

pp creates standalone executables from Perl programs, using the compressed packager provided by PAR, and dependency detection heuristics offered by Module::ScanDeps. Source files are compressed verbatim without compilation. You may think of pp as "pe...

RSCHUPP/PAR-Packer-1.036 - 30 Dec 2016 11:06:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Nama - digital audio workstation

Nama performs multitrack recording, effects processing, editing, mixing, mastering, live performance and general-purpose audio processing, using the Ecasound realtime audio engine. Audio Functionality Audio projects may be developed using tracks, bus...

GANGLION/Audio-Nama-1.208 - 11 Jan 2016 09:37:08 GMT - Search in distribution

EV - perl interface to libev, a high performance full-featured event loop

This module provides an interface to libev (<>). While the documentation below is comprehensive, one might also consult the documentation of libev itself (<>...

MLEHMANN/EV-4.22 - 20 Dec 2015 01:35:40 GMT - Search in distribution
  • libev - a high performance full-featured event loop written in C

noid - nice opaque identifier generator commands

The noid utility creates minters (identifier generators) and accepts commands that operate them. Once created, a minter can be used to produce persistent, globally unique names for documents, databases, images, vocabulary terms, etc. Properly managed...

JAK/Noid-0.424 - 21 Apr 2006 15:45:30 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Noid - routines to mint and manage nice opaque identifiers

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