Data::Package - Base class for packages that are purely data River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

"Data::Package" provides the core of what is hoped will be a highly scalable and extendable API to create data packages and data products that can be delivered via the CPAN (and thus anywhere else). It provides a minimal API that separates how the de...

ADAMK/Data-Package-1.05 - 20 Nov 2007 02:14:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Package::CSV - A Data::Package class for CSV data using Parse::CSV River stage zero No dependents

The Data::Package::CSV package provides a subclass of Data::Package::File that provides data from a CSV file by integrating with Parse::CSV....

ADAMK/Data-Package-CSV-1.01 - 14 Nov 2007 07:12:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Package::SQLite - A data package for a SQLite database River stage zero No dependents

One of the best ways to distribute medium-sized (100k - 100meg) packages containing datasets is using SQLite databases. It allows you to have full SQL access to your data, and you can still provide the data as a single file that does not need user/pa...

ADAMK/Data-Package-SQLite-1.01 - 14 Nov 2007 07:14:05 GMT - Search in distribution

Package::Data::Inheritable - Inheritable and overridable package data/variables River stage zero No dependents

This module tries to deliver inheritable package data (variables) with a reasonably convenient interface. After declaration the variables can be used like ordinary package variables. Most importantly, these variables can be inherited by derived class...

GCERRAI/Package-Data-Inheritable-0.05 - 04 Oct 2007 13:44:28 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Data/Object/Prototype/ River stage zero No dependents

AWNCORP/Data-Object-Prototype-0.06 - 27 Sep 2015 11:59:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::PackageName - OO handling of package name transformations River stage zero No dependents

This module provides the mostly simple functionality of transforming package names in common ways. I didn't write it because it is complicated, but rather because I have done it once too often. "Data::PackageName" is a Moose class....

PHAYLON/Data-PackageName-0.01 - 23 Jun 2007 18:52:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Package::FromData - generate a package with methods and variables from a data structure River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 4 total dependents

This module creates a package with predefined methods, functions, and variables from a data structure. It's used for testing (mock objects) or experimenting. The idea is that you define a package containing functions that return values based on keys,...

JROCKWAY/Package-FromData-0.01 - 14 Jan 2008 06:42:27 GMT - Search in distribution

B - The Perl Compiler Backend River stage five • 9638 direct dependents • 29414 total dependents

The "B" module supplies classes which allow a Perl program to delve into its own innards. It is the module used to implement the "backends" of the Perl compiler. Usage of the compiler does not require knowledge of this module: see the O module for th...

XSAWYERX/perl-5.28.0 - 23 Jun 2018 02:05:28 GMT - Search in distribution

bc - An arbitrary precision calculator language River stage zero No dependents

*bc* is a language that supports arbitrary precision numbers with interactive execution of statements. There are some similarities in the syntax to the C programming language. A standard math library is available by command line option. If requested,...

CWEST/ppt-0.14 - 05 Aug 2004 14:48:58 GMT - Search in distribution
  • bc - An arbitrary precision calculator language

P - Safer, friendlier printf/print/sprintf + say River stage zero No dependents

"P" is a combined print, printf, sprintf & say in 1 routine. It saves tremendously on development time. It's not just the 1 char verb, but has these time saving and powerful features: o No more switching between print, printf, sprintf, and say. Too o...

LAWALSH/P-1.1.37 - 07 May 2016 20:46:38 GMT - Search in distribution

ack - grep-like text finder River stage two • 25 direct dependents • 29 total dependents

ack is designed as an alternative to grep for programmers. ack searches the named input files or directories for lines containing a match to the given PATTERN. By default, ack prints the matching lines. If no FILE or DIRECTORY is given, the current d...

PETDANCE/ack-2.24 - 22 Jun 2018 03:58:20 GMT - Search in distribution

XSH River stage zero No dependents

CHOROBA/XML-XSH-1.8.6 - 09 Mar 2018 23:41:22 GMT - Search in distribution

GBK - Source code filter to escape GBK script River stage zero No dependents

INA/Char-GBK-1.08 - 29 Aug 2016 12:41:08 GMT - Search in distribution

UHC - Source code filter to escape UHC script River stage zero No dependents

INA/Char-UHC-1.08 - 28 Aug 2016 15:29:00 GMT - Search in distribution

PIR - Short alias for Path::Iterator::Rule River stage three • 35 direct dependents • 221 total dependents

This is an empty subclass of Path::Iterator::Rule. It saves you from having to type the full name repeatedly, which is particularly handy for one-liners: $ perl -MPIR -wE 'say for PIR->new->skip_dirs(".")->perl_module->all(@INC)'...

DAGOLDEN/Path-Iterator-Rule-1.014 - 27 Jun 2018 14:28:17 GMT - Search in distribution

flail - a hacker's mailer in Perl River stage zero No dependents

flail is a hacker's mailer, written in Perl, and sporting a command-line interface. It currently supports pop3 and imap for access to remote maildrops, as well as regular old Unix mail spool files for local maildrops (e.g. because you use fetchmail)....

ATTILA/flail-0.2.5 - 15 Oct 2008 19:24:41 GMT - Search in distribution

rezrov - a pure Perl Infocom (z-code) game interpreter River stage zero No dependents

Rezrov is a program that lets you play Infocom game data files. Infocom's data files (e.g. "zork1.dat") are actually platform-independent "z-code" programs written for a virtual machine known as the "z-machine". Rezrov is a z-code interpreter which c...

EDMONSON/Games-Rezrov-0.20 - 06 Mar 2010 19:32:01 GMT - Search in distribution

brn - bulk rename - a fork of rename. River stage zero No dependents

"brn" renames the filenames supplied according to the rule(s) given by the --expr (-e) option(s). If no such option is present then the first argument is taken to be the rule. The *perlexpr* argument is a Perl expression which is expected to modify t...

SWESTRUP/App-FileTools-BulkRename-0.07 - 18 Jul 2012 03:54:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Sx - front-end to all the Athena and Xlib garbage for Perl GUI progamming River stage zero No dependents

Using the Sx package is pretty simple. At the minimum, you 'use Sx;' To actually have X windows pop open and such, you need to do the following: 1) To get everything started, you should call OpenDisplay(). If OpenDisplay() returns a non-zero value, i...

FMC/Sx-2.3 - 25 Apr 1997 09:27:47 GMT - Search in distribution

tm - Topic Map client and work-bench River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This simple, text-oriented user interface gives access to some Topic Map functions. This program is mainly thought for quick prototyping and testing Topic Maps and/or TM software, not so much to provide eye-candy. There are two modi operandi: batch W...

DRRHO/TM-1.56 - 08 Nov 2010 06:58:01 GMT - Search in distribution

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