Venue Random-Lists (Rlist) is a tag/value text format, which can "stringify" any data structure in 7-bit ASCII text. The basic types are lists and scalars. The syntax is similar, but not equal to Perl's. For example, ( "hello", "world" ) { "hello" = ...

ASPINDLER/Data-Rlist-1.44 - 27 Jul 2008 19:50:07 GMT - Search in distribution

procasync - script for testing Proc::Async module

A simple script that tests all functions of the "Proc::Async" module. * it can start an external program, together with its arguments: procasync -start 'date -u' procasync -start date -start -u ID of the started job 'date' '-u': /tmp/q4Gi2VNroQ * it ...

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  • Proc::Async - Running and monitoring processes asynchronously

List::Compare - Compare elements of two or more lists

JKEENAN/List-Compare-0.53   (3 reviews) - 07 Jun 2015 16:57:31 GMT - Search in distribution

IMAP::Client - Advanced manipulation of IMAP services w/ referral support

This module was created as a low-level inteface to any IMAP server. It was built to be a 'clear box' solution to working with an IMAP environment. The idea is that anything an IMAP client should be able to do, and any information available via the IM...

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DBIx::DBStag - Relational Database to Hierarchical (Stag/XML) Mapping

This module is for mapping between relational databases and Stag objects (Structured Tags - see Data::Stag). Stag objects can also be represented as XML. The module has two main uses: Querying This module can take the results of any SQL query and dec...

SCAIN/DBIx-DBStag-0.12 - 01 Feb 2010 15:18:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Plugin::ListCompare - Compare the elements of 2 or more lists in a TT template

Regular Case: Compare Two Lists * Constructor Create a ListCompare object. Put the two lists into arrays (named or anonymous) and pass references to the arrays to the constructor. [% Llist = ['abel', 'abel', 'baker', 'camera', 'delta', 'edward', 'far...

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