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Data::Stream::Bulk - N at a time iteration API 2 ++

This module tries to find middle ground between one at a time and all at once processing of data sets. The purpose of this module is to avoid the overhead of implementing an iterative api when this isn't necessary, without breaking forward compatibil...

DOY/Data-Stream-Bulk-0.11 - 14 Feb 2012 03:21:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Stream::Bulk::AnyEvent - AnyEvent-friendly Data::Stream::Bulk::Callback ++

This class is like Data::Stream::Bulk::Callback, but there are some differences. * Consumer side can use asynchronous callback style. * Producer callback does not return actual items but returns a condition variable. Items are sent via the condition ...

YAKEX/Data-Stream-Bulk-AnyEvent-v0.0.2 - 12 Nov 2012 13:43:54 GMT - Search in distribution

KiokuDB::Stream::Objects - Data::Stream::Bulk with live object management. 6 ++

This class is for object streams coming out of KiokuDB. "new_scope" is called once for each block, and then cleared. AUTHOR Yuval Kogman <nothingmuch@woobling.org> COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Yuval Kogman, Infinity In...

DOY/KiokuDB-0.57 - 25 Mar 2014 21:04:20 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI - Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses 21 ++

CGI.pm is a stable, complete and mature solution for processing and preparing HTTP requests and responses. Major features including processing form submissions, file uploads, reading and writing cookies, query string generation and manipulation, and ...

LEEJO/CGI.pm-4.03   (1 review) - 02 Jul 2014 14:53:06 GMT - Search in distribution

perlthrtut - Tutorial on threads in Perl 210 ++

This tutorial describes the use of Perl interpreter threads (sometimes referred to as *ithreads*). In this model, each thread runs in its own Perl interpreter, and any data sharing between threads must be explicit. The user-level interface for *ithre...

RJBS/perl-5.20.0   (5 reviews) - 27 May 2014 01:35:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Wire10 - Pure Perl driver for MySQL, Sphinx and Drizzle. ++

Net::Wire10 is a Pure Perl connector that talks to MySQL, Sphinx and Drizzle servers. Net::Wire10 implements the low-level network protocol, alias the MySQL wire protocol version 10, necessary for talking to one of the aforementioned servers without ...

DUBEX/Net-Wire10-1.08 - 12 Apr 2010 23:33:27 GMT - Search in distribution

LastFM::Export - data exporter for last.fm ++

This module uses the <http://last.fm/> API to allow you to export your scrobbling data from your account. Currently, the only thing this lets you export is your actual scrobble data, but more features may be added in the future (especially if the fea...

DOY/LastFM-Export-0.03 - 26 Feb 2014 00:09:10 GMT - Search in distribution

MQdb::DBStream - DESCRIPTION of Object ++

of Object SYNOPSIS A simplified object to manage a collection of information related to streaming data from a database. at least with MYSQL, the perl driver does odd caching so to stream one needs to create a new database connection in order to strea...

JMS/MQdb_0.954 - 03 Jun 2009 07:15:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Analysis - Modules for analysing network traffic ++

I wanted a batch version of Ethereal in Perl, so I could: * sift through parsed protocols with structured filters * write custom reports that mixed events from multiple protocols So here it is. Net::Analysis is a stack of protocol handlers that emit,...

WORRALL/Net-Analysis-0.41 - 10 Apr 2010 13:12:58 GMT - Search in distribution

DBI::Changes - List of significant changes to the DBI 150 ++
TIMB/DBI-1.631   (27 reviews) - 20 Jan 2014 11:12:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Sybase::CTlib - Sybase Client Library API. ++

Sybase::CTlib implements a subset of the Sybase Open Client Client Library API. For the most part the syntax is the same or very similar to the C language version, though in some cases the syntax varies a little to make the life of the perl programme...

MEWP/sybperl-2.19   (1 review) - 05 Apr 2010 18:43:52 GMT - Search in distribution

ACME::QuoteDB - API implements CRUD for a Collection of Quotes (adages/proverbs/sayings/epigrams, etc) ++

This module provides an easy to use programmitic interface to a database (sqlite3 or mysql) of 'quotes'. (any content really, that can fit into our "defined format") For simplicty you can think of it as a modern fancy perl version of fortune (with a ...

DVWRIGHT/ACME-QuoteDB-0.1.2 - 01 Oct 2009 06:15:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Metabase::Index - Interface for Metabase indexing ++

This module defines a Moose::Role for indexing and searching facts. Implementations for any particular backend indexer must provide all of the required methods described below. METHODS The following methods are provided by the "Metabase::Index" role....

RJBS/Metabase-1.003 - 28 Nov 2013 12:48:17 GMT - Search in distribution

IO::Async::Stream - event callbacks and write bufering for a stream filehandle 13 ++

This subclass of IO::Async::Handle contains a filehandle that represents a byte-stream. It provides buffering for both incoming and outgoing data. It invokes the "on_read" handler when new data is read from the filehandle. Data may be written to the ...

PEVANS/IO-Async-0.62   (1 review) - 27 Mar 2014 23:21:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Stream::Aggregate - generate aggregate information from a stream of data ++

Stream::Aggregate is a general-purpose aggregation module that will aggregate from a stream of perl objects. While it was written specifically for log processing, it can be used for other things too. Aggregation has two key elements: how you group th...

MUIR/Stream-Aggregate-0.406 - 13 May 2011 03:05:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Oracle::SQLLoader - object interface to Oracle's sqlldr ++

Oracle::SQLLoader provides an object wrapper to the most commonly used functionality of Oracle's SQL*Loader bulk loader utility. It tries to dwim as best as possible by using defaults to all of the various sqlldr options. The module currently support...

EZRA/Oracle-SQLLoader-0.9 - 12 Jul 2006 02:47:40 GMT - Search in distribution

RDF::Trine::Model - Model class 3 ++
GWILLIAMS/RDF-Trine-1.008   (2 reviews) - 20 May 2014 23:01:10 GMT - Search in distribution

BerkeleyDB::Manager - General purpose BerkeleyDB wrapper ++

This object provides a convenience wrapper for BerkeleyDB ATTRIBUTES home The path to pass as "-Home" to "BerkeleyDB::Env->new". If provided the "file" arguments to "open_db" should be relative paths. If not provided, BerkeleyDB will use the current ...

NUFFIN/BerkeleyDB-Manager-0.12 - 16 Jan 2009 19:01:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Device::USB::Device - Use libusb to access USB devices. ++

This module defines a Perl object that represents the data and functionality associated with a USB device. The object interface provides read-only access to the important data associated with a device. It also provides methods for almost all of the f...

GWADEJ/Device-USB-0.36 - 24 Oct 2013 21:23:06 GMT - Search in distribution

UI::KeyboardLayout - Module for designing keyboard layouts ++

In this section, a "keyboard" has a certain "character repertoir" (which characters may be entered using this keyboard), and a mapping associating a character in the repertoir to a keypress or to several (sequential or simultaneous) keypresses. A sma...

ILYAZ/UI-KeyboardLayout-0.67 - 17 Jun 2014 04:27:06 GMT - Search in distribution

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