Data::Stream::Bulk::AnyEvent - AnyEvent-friendly Data::Stream::Bulk::Callback

This class is like Data::Stream::Bulk::Callback, but there are some differences. * Consumer side can use asynchronous callback style. * Producer callback does not return actual items but returns a condition variable. Items are sent via the condition ...

YAKEX/Data-Stream-Bulk-AnyEvent-v0.0.2 - 12 Nov 2012 13:43:54 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Net::Amazon::S3::Client::Bucket - An easy-to-use Amazon S3 client bucket

This module represents buckets. This module provides the same interface as Net::Amazon::S3::Client::Bucket. In addition, some asynchronous methods returning AnyEvent condition variable are added....

YAKEX/AnyEvent-Net-Amazon-S3-v0.04.0.80 - 04 May 2015 11:43:56 GMT - Search in distribution

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