Database::Migrator::Pg - Database::Migrator implementation for Postgres

This module provides a Database::Migrator implementation for Postgres. See Database::Migrator and Database::Migrator::Core for more documentation....

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DBICx::Backend::Move - Migrate an existing database to another backend

When you use DBIx::Class to work with your database, migrating it from one backend to another should be really easy. Turns out it is not. This module offers a turn-key solution to the problem. Create an object of the DBICx::Migration subclass that co...

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Database::Migrator::Core - Core role for Database::Migrator implementation classes

This role implements the bulk of the migration logic, leaving a few details up to DBMS-specific classes. You can then subclass these DBMS-specific classes to provide defaults for various attributes, or to override some of the implementation....

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