Date::Darian::Mars - the Darian calendar for Mars

The Darian calendar for Mars is a mechanism by which Martian solar days (also known as "sols") can be labelled in a manner useful to inhabitants of Mars. This module provides functions to convert dates between the Darian calendar and Chronological Ma...

ZEFRAM/Date-Darian-Mars-0.003 - 09 Apr 2011 15:37:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Date::MSD - conversion between flavours of Mars Sol Date

For date and time calculations it is convenient to represent dates by a simple linear count of days, rather than in a particular calendar. This module performs conversions between different flavours of linear count of Martian solar days ("sols"). Amo...

ZEFRAM/Date-MSD-0.004 - 05 Feb 2012 23:43:24 GMT - Search in distribution

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