lib/DateTime/TimeZone/Europe/ River stage four • 81 direct dependents • 3524 total dependents

DROLSKY/DateTime-TimeZone-2.47 - 24 Jan 2021 20:56:34 UTC - Search in distribution

Weather::YR - Object-oriented interface to's weather service. River stage zero No dependents

This is an object-oriented interface to's free weather service located at <>....

TOREAU/Weather-YR-0.38 - 27 May 2016 09:49:39 UTC - Search in distribution

Bundle::OpenXPKI - A bundle to install modules required for OpenXPKI River stage zero No dependents

This bundle helps with the installation of modules required for OpenXPKI. OpenXPKI is an open source trust center software which aims to create an enterprise-scale PKI solution. For more information see

ALECH/Bundle-OpenXPKI-0.06 - 21 Nov 2008 16:12:39 UTC - Search in distribution

Time::Moment::Role::TimeZone - Adjust Time::Moment with time zone objects River stage zero No dependents

This role provides convenience methods to return a new Time::Moment object adjusted according to a DateTime::TimeZone/ ::Tzfile-compatible time zone object, as in "TIME ZONES" in Time::Moment. See "CAVEATS" regarding usage with date math....

DBOOK/Time-Moment-Role-TimeZone-1.000 - 07 Feb 2020 18:04:34 UTC - Search in distribution
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