DateTime::TimeZone::Olson - timezones from the Olson database

This module encapsulates the Olson timezone database, providing DateTime-compatible timezone objects and ancillary data. On each program run this module provides access to a particular version of the timezone database, determined by which version of ...

ZEFRAM/DateTime-TimeZone-Olson-0.007 - 26 Jul 2017 07:13:10 GMT - Search in distribution

DateTime::TimeZone::OlsonDB - An object to represent an Olson time zone database

This module parses the Olson database time zone definition files and creates various objects representing time zone data. Each time zone is broken down into several parts. The first piece is an observance, which is an offset from UTC and an abbreviat...

DROLSKY/DateTime-TimeZone-2.13 - 01 Jun 2017 23:11:32 GMT - Search in distribution

DateTimeX::Lite::OlsonDB - An object to represent an Olson time zone database

This module parses the Olson database time zone definition files and creates various objects representing time zone data. Each time zone is broken down into several parts. The first piece is an observance, which is an offset from UTC and an abbreviat...

DMAKI/DateTimeX-Lite-0.00004 - 12 Jul 2011 22:57:34 GMT - Search in distribution

App::olson - query the Olson timezone database

This module implements the olson command-line utility. See olson for details of usage....

ZEFRAM/App-olson-0.000 - 12 Mar 2012 22:23:02 GMT - Search in distribution
  • olson - query the Olson timezone database

Tie::TZ - tied $TZ setting %ENV and calling tzset()

"Tie::TZ" provides a tied $TZ variable which gets and sets the TZ environment variable $ENV{'TZ'}. When it changes %ENV it calls "tzset()" (see POSIX) if available, ensuring the C library notices the change for subsequent "localtime" etc. $TZ = 'GMT'...

KRYDE/Tie-TZ-9 - 08 Feb 2011 00:52:28 GMT - Search in distribution

DateTime - A date and time object for Perl

DateTime is a class for the representation of date/time combinations, and is part of the Perl DateTime project. For details on this project please see <>. The DateTime site has a FAQ which may help answer many "how do I do X?...

DROLSKY/DateTime-1.43 - 29 May 2017 19:42:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Astro::Sunrise - Perl extension for computing the sunrise/sunset on a given day

This module will return the sunrise and sunset for a given day. Months are numbered 1 to 12, in the usual way, not 0 to 11 as in C and in Perl's localtime. Eastern longitude is entered as a positive number Western longitude is entered as a negative n...

JFORGET/Astro-Sunrise-0.96 - 02 Dec 2015 21:16:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Astro::Coord::ECI::OVERVIEW - Overview of Astro::Coord::ECI and friends

Any system to forecast the visibility of an object in the sky needs to be told a few things: where you are, where the object in the sky is, and (maybe) what source of illumination is being used. This package provides classes for all these. Some of th...

WYANT/Astro-satpass-0.082 - 14 Jun 2017 20:33:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Panda::Time - low-level and very efficient POSIX time/zone functions implementation in C.

This module contains low-level C code implementing time functions from scratch. It was written because OS's time functions are too slow and have various small bugs. Dates from -2147483648/01/01 00:00:00 till 2147483647/12/31 23:59:59 are supported. N...

SYBER/Panda-Time-3.1.3 - 19 May 2017 15:19:16 GMT - Search in distribution

Time::Tzfile - read binary tzfiles into Perl data structures

DFARRELL/Time-Tzfile-0.04 - 07 Jun 2016 22:10:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Astro::App::Satpass2::TUTORIAL - Tutorial on the use of Astro::App::Satpass2

WYANT/Astro-App-Satpass2-0.034 - 02 Apr 2017 02:11:59 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Analytics::MultiTouch - Multi-touch web analytics, using Google Analytics

This module provides reporting for multi-touch web analytics, as described at <>. Unlike typical last-session attribution web analytics, multi-touch gives insight into all of the various marketing channels to which a...

JJSCHUTZ/WWW-Analytics-MultiTouch-0.36 - 19 Jun 2014 14:27:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Java::JCR::Calendar - Utilities for converting dates

This class helps make the translation from "java.lang.Calendar" to a Perl date/time object as seamless as possible. Since Perl has a plethora of date/time classes and everyone seems to have their own favorite based upon functionality and performance ...

HANENKAMP/Java-JCR-0.08 - 17 Mar 2007 22:17:11 GMT - Search in distribution

Time::Local::TZ - time converter functions with localtime-based interface

This module provides a set of functions to convert time between timezones and do some other timezone-dependant operations. Most functions work with localtime-like arrays, so they can be easily integrated with other modules supporting this format. Mod...

BAMBR/Time-Local-TZ-0.03 - 18 May 2017 11:01:38 GMT - Search in distribution


The log format argument is a string which will be used to generate each line of the access log. The string consists of literal characters which will be copied to the log output verbatim, and escapes, which will be replaced with information about the ...

ARODLAND/Catalyst-Plugin-AccessLog-1.10 - 29 Apr 2015 19:04:38 GMT - Search in distribution

DateTime::Format::Strptime - Parse and format strp and strf time patterns

This module implements most of strptime(3), the POSIX function that is the reverse of strftime(3), for "DateTime". While "strftime" takes a "DateTime" and a pattern and returns a string, "strptime" takes a string and a pattern and returns the "DateTi...

DROLSKY/DateTime-Format-Strptime-1.74 - 03 Aug 2017 13:45:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Time::Zone::Olson - Provides an interface to the Olson timezone database

Time::Zone::Olson is intended to provide a simple interface to the Olson database that is available on most UNIX systems. It provides an interface to list common time zones, such as Australia/Melbourne that are stored in the file, and localt...

DDICK/Time-Zone-Olson-0.12 - 21 Sep 2016 12:53:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Time::OlsonTZ::Download - Olson timezone database from source

An object of this class represents a local copy of the source of the Olson timezone database, possibly used to build binary tzfiles. The source copy always begins by being downloaded from the canonical repository of the Olson database. This class pro...

ZEFRAM/Time-OlsonTZ-Download-0.006 - 17 Jul 2017 00:58:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Time::OlsonTZ::Data - Olson timezone data

This module encapsulates the Olson timezone database, providing binary tzfiles and ancillary data. Each version of this module encapsulates a particular version of the timezone database. It is intended to be regularly updated, as the timezone databas...

ZEFRAM/Time-OlsonTZ-Data-0.201702 - 17 Jul 2017 02:07:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Time::OlsonTZ::Clustered - Olson time zone clusters based on similar offset and DST changes

There are over 400 Olson time zone names (e.g. "America/New_York") describing current and historical offset and daylight-savings behavior. While this is essential for accurate calculations involving times in the past, it is an overwhelming list to pr...

DAGOLDEN/Time-OlsonTZ-Clustered-0.002 - 16 Jan 2013 20:29:43 GMT - Search in distribution

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