Devel::REPL - A modern perl interactive shell

This is an interactive shell for Perl, commonly known as a REPL - Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop. The shell provides for rapid development or testing of code without the need to create a temporary source code file. Through a plugin system, many features...

ETHER/Devel-REPL-1.003028 - 16 Feb 2016 01:15:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::REPL::Plugin::Carp::REPL - Devel::REPL plugin for Carp::REPL

ETHER/Carp-REPL-0.18 - 06 Jun 2015 03:00:30 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Carp::REPL - read-eval-print-loop on die and/or warn

Devel::REPL::InProcess - debugger-like in-process REPL

This distribution provides a debugger-like REPL session that can be spawned in the middle of a program. Devel::REPL::Plugin::InProcess synchronized the lexical environment of the REPL with the environemnt where the shell was spawned (which means you ...

MBARBON/Devel-REPL-InProcess-0.05 - 09 Jul 2016 16:44:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::REPL::Plugin::DDP - Format return values with Data::Printer

Use this in your Devel::REPL profile or load it from your "" script. You'll also want to make sure your profile or script runs the following: $_REPL->normal_color("reset"); or disables the standard Colors plugin....

TSIBLEY/Devel-REPL-Plugin-DDP-0.05 - 11 Dec 2014 21:52:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::REPL::Plugin::Trepan - Add '%' commands to call back Trepan in a Devel::REPL shell invoked from Devel::Trepan

ROCKY/Devel-Trepan-Shell-1.5 - 21 May 2014 00:27:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::REPL::Plugin::Editor - Add #edit command to drop into an editor for longer expressions

This plugin adds an "edit" command to your REPL, invoked using "#edit" (or using whatever "default_command_prefix" in Devel::REPL::Plugin::Turtles is). When you run the the edit command, the REPL drops you into $ENV{'EDITOR'}, and the code you type i...

RHOELZ/Devel-REPL-Plugin-Editor-0.02 - 09 Sep 2014 00:56:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::REPL::Profile::TSIBLEY - TSIBLEY's personal Devel::REPL profile

Devel::REPL::Profile::TSIBLEY is based on the default profile with the following differences: * History expansion via "!" is disabled * Data::Printer is used instead of Data::Dumper::Streamer (via Devel::REPL::Plugin::DDP)...

TSIBLEY/Devel-REPL-Profile-TSIBLEY-0.02 - 23 Jul 2013 05:28:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::REPL::Plugin::Clipboard - #clip output to clipboard

MCSNOLTE/Devel-REPL-Plugin-Clipboard-0.004 - 07 Nov 2013 19:37:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::REPL::Plugin::ModuleAutoLoader - Autoloader Plugin for Devel::REPL

Plugin for Devel::REPL that attempts automagically load modules used in a line of code, that have yet to be loaded. Just load this plugin either from the Devel::REPL shell, or within your repl.rc file and it does the rest. HIC SUNT DRACONES While thi...

JAMESR/Devel-REPL-Plugin-ModuleAutoLoader-1.0 - 06 Jul 2016 15:03:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::REPL::Plugin::LazyLoad - Lazily load packages into your REPL

This plugin for Devel::REPL allows you to lazily load certain modules into your REPL as you use them. Let's say you end up using DateTime math in your REPL 50% of the time. Put the following into your "repl.rc": $_REPL->load_plugin('LazyLoad'); $_REP...

RHOELZ/Devel-REPL-Plugin-LazyLoad-0.01 - 22 Apr 2012 14:24:10 GMT - Search in distribution


MATTP/Test-WWW-Selenium-1.36 - 15 May 2013 21:58:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::REPL::Plugin::DataPrinter - Format REPL results with Data::Printer

GARU/Devel-REPL-Plugin-DataPrinter-0.007 - 18 Mar 2013 01:55:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::REPL::Plugin::CompletionDriver::SOOT - Complete SOOT method names

SMUELLER/SOOT-App-0.04 - 10 Aug 2011 15:18:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::REPL::Plugin::ReadLineHistory::WithoutExpansion - ReadLineHistory plugin, without expansion

The standard readline history plugin makes it impossible to disable history expansion (via "!") from a profile or rc file. This plugins solves that....

TSIBLEY/Devel-REPL-Plugin-ReadLineHistory-WithoutExpansion-0.02 - 24 Jul 2013 01:59:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Continuity::REPL - Use a Devel::REPL on a Continuity server

This provides a Devel::REPL shell for Continuity applications. For now it is just amusing, but it will become useful once it can run the shell within the context of individual sessions. Then it might be a nice diagnostic or perhaps even development t...

AWWAIID/Continuity-REPL-0.01 - 10 May 2008 04:17:48 GMT - Search in distribution

Pry - intrude on your code

Kind of a bit like a debugger, kind of a bit like a REPL. This module gives you a function called "pry" that you can drop into your code anywhere. When Perl executes that line of code, it will stop and drop you into a REPL. You can use the REPL to in...

TOBYINK/Pry-0.003001 - 05 Oct 2014 20:22:52 GMT - Search in distribution

SOOT - Use ROOT from Perl

SOOT is a Perl extension for using the ROOT library. It is very similar to the Ruby-ROOT or PyROOT extensions for their respective languages. Specifically, SOOT was implemented after the model of Ruby-ROOT. Please note that SOOT is to be considered h...

SMUELLER/SOOT-0.17 - 25 Dec 2011 15:11:01 GMT - Search in distribution

pdl2 - Simple shell (version 2) for PDL

The "pdl2" program, also known as the Perldl2 shell, is a second generation version of the original "perldl" interactive PDL shell. It attempts to be backward compatible in usage while providing improved features, better support for Perl syntax, and ...

CHM/PDL-2.018 - 21 May 2017 21:19:50 GMT - Search in distribution

pdl2 - Simple shell (version 2) for PDLA

The "pdl2" program, also known as the Perldl2 shell, is a second generation version of the original "perldl" interactive PDLA shell. It attempts to be backward compatible in usage while providing improved features, better support for Perl syntax, and...

ETJ/PDLA-2.013003 - 29 Aug 2015 21:31:45 GMT - Search in distribution

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