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Devel::STrace - strace-like runtime call trace for Perl applications 1 ++

Provides a strace/truss-like runtime call monitor for Perl applications. Note that, while strace/truss only dumps system calls, Devel::STrace dumps all calls to Perl subs on the application's stack. Also note that Devel::STrace cannot trace non-Perl ...

DARNOLD/Devel-STrace-0.31 - 27 Aug 2006 20:57:32 GMT - Search in distribution

pmload - show what files a given module loads at compile time 11 ++

Given an argument of a module name, show all the files that are loaded directly or indirectly when the module is used at compile-time. EXAMPLES $ pmload IO::Handle /usr/local/devperl/lib/5.00554/Exporter.pm /usr/local/devperl/lib/5.00554/Carp.pm /usr...

MLFISHER/pmtools-2.0.0 - 04 Feb 2014 23:14:57 GMT - Search in distribution

plstrace - Trace Perl function calls ++

plstrace is "strace for your Perl functions". Its interface and output is similar to Unix utility strace. But only a few strace options are currently supported. Some notes (caveats, limitations): * Currently implemented by wrapping Perl subroutines w...

SHARYANTO/App-plstrace-0.05 - 24 Jun 2014 16:44:35 GMT - Search in distribution

INSTALL - Build and Installation guide for perl 5. 211 ++

This document is written in pod format as an easy way to indicate its structure. The pod format is described in pod/perlpod.pod, but you can read it as is with any pager or editor. Headings and items are marked by lines beginning with '='. The other ...

RJBS/perl-5.20.0   (5 reviews) - 27 May 2014 01:35:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::RingBuffer - Shared memory ring buffers for Perl scripts diagnosis/debug ++

Provides shared memory structures (using memory mapped files via IPC::Mmap) to be used by diagnostic and debugger applications for Perl scripts (see Devel::STrace). Using XS/C code to maximize performance, creates a set of ringbuffers with a configur...

DARNOLD/Devel-RingBuffer-0.31 - 27 Aug 2006 20:57:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Devel::Trace::Syscall - Print a stack trace whenever a system call is made 2 ++

Have you ever been looking at the "strace" output for a Perl process, looking at all of the calls to "open" or whatever and wondering "where the heck in my program are those happening"? You ack <http://beyondgrep.com/> the source code for calls to "o...

RHOELZ/Devel-Trace-Syscall-0.02 - 24 Jun 2014 01:23:51 GMT - Search in distribution

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