Device::Gsm - Perl extension to interface GSM phones / modems

"Device::Gsm" class implements basic GSM functions, network registration and SMS sending. This class supports also "PDU" mode to send "SMS" messages, and should be fairly usable. In the past, I have developed and tested it under Linux RedHat 7.1 with...

COSIMO/Device-Gsm-1.61 - 21 Jun 2016 19:12:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Device::Modem::GSM - Perl module to communicate with a GSM cell phone connected via some sort of Serial port (including but not limited to most USB data cables, IrDA, ... others ?).

"Device::Modem::GSM" extends "Device::Modem" (which provides the basic communication layer) to provide access to high-level GSM functionnalities (such as access to phonebook or dealing with SMSes). This module inherits from "Device::Modem" so if you ...

SKATTOOR/Device-Modem-GSM-0.3 - 25 Dec 2007 21:47:41 GMT - Search in distribution

SMS::Send::DeviceGsm - An SMS::Send driver for Device::Gsm.

SMS::Send::DeviceGsm is an SMS::Send driver that uses Device::Gsm to deliver messages via attached hardware. You provide the hardware port and the baudrate to use. Consult Device::Gsm for further information on what devices and baudrates are supporte...

BINGOS/SMS-Send-DeviceGsm-1.08 - 28 Mar 2017 18:16:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Palm::SMS - parse SMS database files

The SMS PDB handler is a helper class for the Palm::PDB module. It is intended for reading, manipulating, and writing the .pdb files used by Handspring SMS application on PalmOS devices such as Handspring Treo 270. Palm::SMS module is the result of a...

DCANTRELL/Palm-SMS-0.04 - 24 Feb 2015 23:00:27 GMT - Search in distribution

GSM::SMS - Perl Modules For Smart Messaging

JOHANVDB/GSM-SMS-0.163 - 19 Jul 2011 16:07:30 GMT - Search in distribution

GSM::Gnokii - Perl extension libgnokii

GSM::Gnokii is a driver module to interface Perl with libgnokii. At the moment there is no active development, as the author is not able to connect the old phone to the new laptop anymore. This module has been requested to transfer maint to the libgn...

HMBRAND/GSM-Gnokii-0.09 - 16 Sep 2013 07:34:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Device::Modem - Perl extension to talk to modem devices connected via serial port

"Device::Modem" class implements basic AT (Hayes) compliant device abstraction. It can be inherited by sub classes (as "Device::Gsm"), which are based on serial connections. Things "Device::Modem" can do * connect to a modem on your serial port * tes...

COSIMO/Device-Modem-1.57 - 26 Jan 2014 10:42:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Device::Modem::SMSModem - Perl extension for Device::Modem module

This is an extension of Device::Modem intended to be be used as high level API to handle SMS in USB dongles. It works (as base class Device::Modem) via serial port and implements basic SMS functionality handling through AT (Hayes) commands. What the ...

DMITRIII/Device-Modem-SMSModem-0.9 - 08 Nov 2015 13:08:45 GMT - Search in distribution

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