Device::MAC - Handle hardware MAC Addresses (EUI-48 and EUI-64)

This module provides an interface to deal with Media Access Control (or MAC) addresses. These are the addresses that uniquely identify a device on a network. Although the common case is hardware addresses on network cards, there are a variety of devi...

JASONK/Device-MAC-1.00 - 25 Feb 2009 20:39:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Mac::CoreMIDI::Device - Encapsulates a CoreMIDI Device

CRENZ/Mac-CoreMIDI-0.04 - 06 Jun 2005 09:18:36 GMT - Search in distribution

CPM - Complete module to work with MyPrinterCloud System

The CPM module manages the API of MyPrinterCloud, providing the subroutines to collect the information from the networked printers and to transmit it to CPS (Cloud Printing Server). It offers several options to accomplish key design criteria such as ...

PECO/CPM-1.51 - 15 Dec 2010 17:10:11 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::ARP - Perl extension for creating ARP packets

CRAZYDJ/Net-ARP-1.0.9   (3 reviews) - 18 Sep 2014 17:10:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::MAC - Perl extension for representing and manipulating MAC addresses

This is a module that allows you to - store a MAC address in a Perl object - find out information about a stored MAC address - convert a MAC address into a specified format - easily compare two MAC addresses for string or numeric equality There are q...

OLIVER/Net-MAC-2.103622 - 28 Dec 2010 21:00:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Sjis - Source code filter to escape ShiftJIS script

INA/Char-Sjis-1.08 - 28 Aug 2016 15:27:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Vroom - Slide Shows in Vim

Ever given a Slide Show and needed to switch over to Vim? Now you don't ever have to switch again. You're already there. Vroom lets you create your slides in a single file using a Wiki-like style, much like Spork and Sporx do. The difference is that ...

INGY/Vroom-0.37   (2 reviews) - 08 Sep 2014 23:41:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Nabaztag - A module to interface your nabaztag!

This module is designed to allow you to control a nabaztag with perl programming language. See ABOUT section to know which api it fits. It has been tested with my own nabaztag and seems to work perfectly. It also provide a simple command line tool to...

JETEVE/Nabaztag-0.03 - 16 Dec 2005 15:19:22 GMT - Search in distribution

IO::All - IO::All to Larry Wall!

IO::All combines all of the best Perl IO modules into a single nifty object oriented interface to greatly simplify your everyday Perl IO idioms. It exports a single function called "io", which returns a new IO::All object. And that object can do it a...

INGY/IO-All-0.86   (9 reviews) - 02 Jan 2015 02:45:16 GMT - Search in distribution

perlipc - Perl interprocess communication (signals, fifos, pipes, safe subprocesses, sockets, and semaphores)

The basic IPC facilities of Perl are built out of the good old Unix signals, named pipes, pipe opens, the Berkeley socket routines, and SysV IPC calls. Each is used in slightly different situations....

RJBS/perl-5.24.0   (6 reviews) - 09 May 2016 11:35:29 GMT - Search in distribution

URI::file - URI that maps to local file names

The "URI::file" class supports "URI" objects belonging to the *file* URI scheme. This scheme allows us to map the conventional file names found on various computer systems to the URI name space. An old specification of the *file* URI scheme is found ...

ETHER/URI-1.71   (4 reviews) - 08 Jan 2016 03:18:28 GMT - Search in distribution

perlfaq8 - System Interaction

This section of the Perl FAQ covers questions involving operating system interaction. Topics include interprocess communication (IPC), control over the user-interface (keyboard, screen and pointing devices), and most anything else not related to data...

LLAP/perlfaq-5.021011 - 04 Mar 2016 20:04:35 GMT - Search in distribution

NetAddr::MAC - Handles hardware MAC Addresses (EUI-48 and EUI-64)

This module provides an interface to deal with Media Access Control (or MAC) addresses. These are the addresses that uniquely identify a device on various layer 2 networks. Although the most common case is hardware addresses on Ethernet network cards...

DJZORT/NetAddr-MAC-0.94 - 14 Feb 2015 12:27:39 GMT - Search in distribution

PDL::FAQ - Frequently asked questions about PDL

This is version 1.007 of the PDL FAQ, a collection of frequently asked questions about PDL - the Perl Data Language....

CHM/PDL-2.017   (2 reviews) - 08 Oct 2016 17:56:44 GMT - Search in distribution
  • - the perl debugger with PDL support

perltidy - a perl script indenter and reformatter

Perltidy reads a perl script and writes an indented, reformatted script. Many users will find enough information in "EXAMPLES" to get started. New users may benefit from the short tutorial which can be found at

SHANCOCK/Perl-Tidy-20160302   (10 reviews) - 01 Mar 2016 16:02:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Device::WWN - Encode/Decode Fiber Channel World Wide Names

This module provides an interface to decode fiber channel World Wide Name values (WWN, also called World Wide Identifier or WWID). The WWN value is similar to a network cards hardware MAC address, but for fiber channel SAN networks....

JASONK/Device-WWN-1.01 - 24 Sep 2009 14:08:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Pcap - Interface to the pcap(3) LBL packet capture library

"Net::Pcap" is a Perl binding to the LBL pcap(3) library and its Win32 counterpart, the WinPcap library. Pcap (packet capture) is a portable API to capture network packet: it allows applications to capture packets at link-layer, bypassing the normal ...

SAPER/Net-Pcap-0.18   (2 reviews) - 15 May 2016 13:42:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::OBEX - implementation of OBEX protocol

WARNING!!! This module is still in its early alpha stage, it is recommended that you use it only for testing. A lot of functionality is still not implemented. The module is a Perl implementation of IrOBEX protocol....

ZOFFIX/Net-OBEX-1.001001 - 01 Feb 2014 04:56:26 GMT - Search in distribution - more than a passive and active OS fingerprinting tool

GOMOR/Net-SinFP3-1.23 - 25 Nov 2015 06:16:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Ping - check a remote host for reachability

This module contains methods to test the reachability of remote hosts on a network. A ping object is first created with optional parameters, a variable number of hosts may be pinged multiple times and then the connection is closed. You may choose one...

RURBAN/Net-Ping-2.53 - 20 Oct 2016 08:10:24 GMT - Search in distribution