Device::SerialPort - Linux/POSIX emulation of Win32::SerialPort functions.

This module provides an object-based user interface essentially identical to the one provided by the Win32::SerialPort module. Initialization The primary constructor is new with either a PortName, or a Configuretion File specified. With a PortName, t...

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  • modemtest - Tool to examining your modem through Perl's Device::SerialPort

Device::SerialPort::Xmodem::Constants - Xmodem file transfer protocol for Device::SerialPort

This is an Xmodem implementation designed to receive a file using 128 byte blocks. This module is intended to be passed an open and prepared port with active connection. At this time it can only receive 128 byte blocks, however 1k blocks are in the w...

MITTI/Device-SerialPort-Xmodem-1.03 - 28 Nov 2006 16:03:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Device::SerialPort - Serial port mock object to be used for testing

Nothing more. It's a test object that mimics the real Device::SerialPort thing. Used mainly for testing when I don't have an actual device to test....

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LRC - Perl interface for longitudinal redundancy check generation

The Longitudinal Redundancy Check (LRC) is a one byte character, commonly used as a byte-field in data transmission over analog systems. Most commonly, in STX-ETX bounded strings sent in financial protocols. Following some previous experience with su...

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Slinke - module to control the Slink-e product produced by Nirvis - visit Nirvis at

Slink-e is a product that can speak to many different Sony products over the S-Link port. Also, it can receive and transmit infrared signals over 8 different transmitters/receivers. For now, the bulk of this code deals with the transmission and recep...

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GSM::SMS - Perl Modules For Smart Messaging

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Device::Kiln - Graph kiln firing use Data logged from Device::DSE::Q1573

Sets up a connection to a DSE Q1573 or Metex ME-22 Digital Multimeter, and allows then plots data to a png file at regular intervals....

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Device::Gsm - Perl extension to interface GSM phones / modems

"Device::Gsm" class implements basic GSM functions, network registration and SMS sending. This class supports also "PDU" mode to send "SMS" messages, and should be fairly usable. In the past, I have developed and tested it under Linux RedHat 7.1 with...

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Lab::Bus::RS232 - RS232 or Virtual Comm port bus

This is a bus for Lab::Measurement to communicate via RS232 or Virtual Comm port e.g. for FTDI devices....

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Device::Modem - Perl extension to talk to modem devices connected via serial port

"Device::Modem" class implements basic AT (Hayes) compliant device abstraction. It can be inherited by sub classes (as "Device::Gsm"), which are based on serial connections. Things "Device::Modem" can do * connect to a modem on your serial port * tes...

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GPS::Garmin - Perl interface to GPS equipment using the Garmin Protocol

GPS::Garmin allow the connection and use of of a GPS receiver in perl scripts. Currently only the GRMN/GRMN protocol is implemented but NMEA is a work in progress. This module currently works with Garmin GPS II+ equipments, but should work on most Ga...

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Device::WxM2 - Davis Weather Monitor II Station device driver

Installation This driver depends on the Device::SerialPort Perl driver found on CPAN. You must install it somewhere on the @INC list, so that can call it with 'use'. The standard CPAN install works fine. To install WxM2, use: perl Makefile.PL...

MMABRY/Device-WxM2-1.03 - 11 Dec 2004 16:57:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Audio::Xmpcr - control an XMPCR device for XM Radio

The Audio::Xmpcr module allows you to control an XMPCR device, which is used to tune into the XM satellite radio network. More info can be found at The device itself can only be purchased (as of this writing) at PCConnection h...

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AnyEvent::SerialPort - AnyEvent::Handle subclass for serial ports

This module is a subclass of AnyEvent::Handle for serial ports. IMPORTANT: This is a new API and is still subject to change. Feedback and suggestions would be very welcome....

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Control::CLI - Command Line Interface I/O over either Telnet or SSH (IPv4 & IPv6) or Serial port

A Command Line Interface (CLI) is an interface where the user is presented with a command prompt and has to enter ASCII commands to drive or control or configure that device. That interface could be the shell on a unix system or some other command in...

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Device::ELM327 - Methods for reading OBD data with an ELM327 module.

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Device::PiLite - Interface to Ciseco Pi-Lite for Raspberry Pi

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Device::IRU_GE - Perl Module to read and control a GE Aviation Systems IRU

The module provides a software interface to the General Electric North Finding Module (NFM) or also known as Interial Reference Unit (IRU) or a component of the Land Navigation System (LNS). This module implements several of the functions defined in ...

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ControlX10::CM17 - Perl extension for 'FireCracker' RF Transmitter

The FireCracker (CM17A) is a send-only X10 controller that connects to a serial port and transmits commands via RF to X10 transceivers. The FireCracker derives its power supply from either the RTS or DTR signals from the serial port. At least one of ...

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