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Digest::SHA - Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512 13 ++

Digest::SHA is written in C for speed. If your platform lacks a C compiler, you can install the functionally equivalent (but much slower) Digest::SHA::PurePerl module. The programming interface is easy to use: it's the same one found in CPAN's Digest...

MSHELOR/Digest-SHA-5.92   (2 reviews) - 01 Jun 2014 07:25:04 GMT - Search in distribution
  • shasum - Print or Check SHA Checksums

Digest::SHA::PurePerl - Perl implementation of SHA-1/224/256/384/512 2 ++

Digest::SHA::PurePerl is written entirely in Perl. If your platform has a C compiler, you should install the functionally equivalent (but much faster) Digest::SHA module. The programming interface is easy to use: it's the same one found in CPAN's Dig...

MSHELOR/Digest-SHA-PurePerl-5.92 - 01 Jun 2014 07:26:31 GMT - Search in distribution
  • shasum - Print or Check SHA Checksums

Digest::SHA3 - Perl extension for SHA-3 3 ++

Digest::SHA3 is written in C for speed. If your platform lacks a C compiler, perhaps you can find the module in a binary form compatible with your particular processor and operating system. The programming interface is easy to use: it's the same one ...

MSHELOR/Digest-SHA3-0.22 - 01 Jun 2014 07:26:35 GMT - Search in distribution
  • sha3sum - Print or Check SHA-3 Checksums

Digest::SHA2 - A variable-length one-way hash function (deprecated in favor of Digest::SHA) ++

SHA-2 is the collective name of one-way hash functions developed by the NIST. SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 pertain to hashes whose outputs are 256 bits, 384 bits and 512 bits, respectively. This Perl implementation is meant to be a replacement for t...

AVAR/Digest-SHA2-1.1.1 - 07 Jul 2007 19:53:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Digest::SHA256 - a module that implements the NIST SHA-256/384/512 hash. ++

The sha256 module allows you to use the NIST SHA 256/384/512 hash algorithm. A new sha256 context object is created with the new operation followed by a digest size which may be either 256, 384, or 512 bits. Multiple simultaneous digest context can b...

DIDO/SHA256-0.01b - 19 Mar 2001 02:41:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Digest::SHA1 - Perl interface to the SHA-1 algorithm 8 ++

The "Digest::SHA1" module allows you to use the NIST SHA-1 message digest algorithm from within Perl programs. The algorithm takes as input a message of arbitrary length and produces as output a 160-bit "fingerprint" or "message digest" of the input....

GAAS/Digest-SHA1-2.13 - 03 Jul 2010 13:25:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Digest::HMAC_SHA1 - Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication 3 ++

This module provide HMAC-SHA-1 hashing. SEE ALSO Digest::HMAC, Digest::SHA, Digest::HMAC_MD5 AUTHOR Gisle Aas <gisle@aas.no> ...

GAAS/Digest-HMAC-1.03 - 25 Jul 2011 16:56:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Crypt::Digest::SHA1 - Hash function SHA-1 [size: 160 bits] 11 ++

Provides an interface to the SHA1 digest algorithm. EXPORT Nothing is exported by default. You can export selected functions: use Crypt::Digest::SHA1 qw(sha1 sha1_hex sha1_b64 sha1_b64u sha1_file sha1_file_hex sha1_file_b64 sha1_file_b64u); Or all of...

MIK/CryptX-0.021 - 23 Jan 2014 15:47:50 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Plugin::Digest::SHA1 - TT2 interface to the SHA1 Algorithm ++

The *Digest.SHA1* Template Toolkit plugin provides access to the NIST SHA-1 algorithm via the "Digest::SHA1" module. It is used like a plugin but installs filters and vmethods into the current context. When you invoke [% USE Digest.SHA1 %] the follow...

BARBIE/Template-Plugin-Digest-SHA1-0.04 - 25 Jun 2014 02:05:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Crypt::OpenPGP::Digest - PGP message digest factory ++

*Crypt::OpenPGP::Digest* is a factory class for PGP message digest objects. All digest objects are subclasses of this class and share a common interface; when creating a new digest object, the object is blessed into the subclass to take on algorithm-...

SROMANOV/Crypt-OpenPGP-1.07   (4 reviews) - 23 Jun 2014 15:41:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Cache::Memcached::Indexable::Logic::DigestSHA1 - a fine logic for Cache::Memcached::Indexable ++

This module is a kind of logic class for Cache::Memcached::Indexable. It uses to get an original key through "Digest::SHA1::sha1_hex()" function with your key. METHOD $logic->set_max_power($power) You can set how many patterns do you want to use for ...

TANIGUCHI/Cache-Memcached-Indexable-0.03 - 06 Mar 2007 14:31:47 GMT - Search in distribution

SHA - Perl interface to the NIST Secure Hash Algorithm ++

The "SHA" module is depreciated. Use "Digest::SHA1" instead. The current "SHA" module is just a wrapper around the "Digest::SHA1" module. It is provided so that legacy code that rely on the old interface still work. This wrapper does not support the ...

GAAS/SHA-2.01 - 14 Mar 2001 06:00:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Digest - Modules that calculate message digests 7 ++

The "Digest::" modules calculate digests, also called "fingerprints" or "hashes", of some data, called a message. The digest is (usually) some small/fixed size string. The actual size of the digest depend of the algorithm used. The message is simply ...

GAAS/Digest-1.17   (1 review) - 02 Oct 2011 10:14:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Tiger - Perl interface to the Tiger Hash Algorithm ++

The Tiger module allows you to use the Tiger hash algorithm developed by Ross Anderson and Eli Biham in Perl programs. A new Tiger context object is created with the new operation. Multiple simultaneous digest context can be maintained if desired. Th...

DIDO/Tiger-hash-1.0b - 04 Mar 2001 10:31:44 GMT - Search in distribution

CHI - Unified cache handling interface 31 ++

CHI provides a unified caching API, designed to assist a developer in persisting data for a specified period of time. The CHI interface is implemented by driver classes that support fetching, storing and clearing of data. Driver classes exist or will...

HAARG/CHI-0.58   (5 reviews) - 21 Jul 2013 14:23:23 GMT - Search in distribution

URI::ni - URI scheme for Named Information Identifiers ++

This module implements the "ni:" URI scheme defined in RFC 6920 <http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6920>. compute $DATA [, $ALGO, \%QUERY] Compute a new ni: URI from some data. Since the data objects we're typically interested in hashing tend to be bulky...

DORIAN/URI-ni-0.04 - 15 May 2013 00:02:26 GMT - Search in distribution
  • URI::di - URI scheme for digital signatures

Data::Digest - Objects that represent a digest values ++

The "Data::Digest" class provides utility objects that represents a digest value. It is used primarily as a convenience and to simplify code when dealing with situations where you are provided with a digest, and need to check it against some data. It...

ADAMK/Data-Digest-1.04 - 10 Jul 2008 07:03:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Digest::JH - Perl interface to the JH digest algorithm ++

The "Digest::JH" module provides an interface to the JH message digest algorithm. JH is a candidate in the NIST SHA-3 competition. This interface follows the conventions set forth by the "Digest" module. FUNCTIONS The following functions are provided...

GRAY/Digest-JH-0.05 - 23 Oct 2011 05:27:08 GMT - Search in distribution

CPAN - query, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites 20 ++

The CPAN module automates or at least simplifies the make and install of perl modules and extensions. It includes some primitive searching capabilities and knows how to use LWP, HTTP::Tiny, Net::FTP and certain external download clients to fetch dist...

ANDK/CPAN-2.05   (5 reviews) - 18 Apr 2014 13:35:51 GMT - Search in distribution

checkm - create a checkm manifest ++

The checkm command takes one subcommand (currently), over, that writes a Checkm file manifest to the standard output computed over all files and directories (recursively) given as arguments, or the current directory by default. On platforms that supp...

JAK/File-Checkm-v0.3.3 - 09 Oct 2010 14:13:38 GMT - Search in distribution

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