Dimedis::Sql - SQL/DBI Interface für datenbankunabhängige Applikationen

Dieses Modul erleichtert die Realisierung datenbankunabhängiger Applikationen. Die Schnittstelle gliedert sich in drei Kategorien: Ausführung elementarer Kommandos zur Datenein-/ausgabe Diese Methoden führen anhand vorgegebener Parameter intern gener...

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CIPP - Powerful preprocessor for embedding Perl and SQL in HTML

CIPP = CgI Perl Preprocessor CIPP is a perl module for translating CIPP sources to pure perl programs. CIPP defines a HTML embedding language called CIPP which has powerful features for CGI and database developers. Many standard CGI- and database ope...

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DBIx::SQLEngine::Driver::Informix - Support DBD::Informix and DBD::ODBC/Informix

This package provides a subclass of DBIx::SQLEngine which compensates for Informix's idiosyncrasies. About Driver Subclasses You do not need to use this package directly; when you connect to a database, the SQLEngine object is automatically re-blesse...

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