Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Clean - Clean after release

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Clean is a simple Dist::Zilla plugin thet cleans the working directory (just like "dzil clean") after a release....

ALEXBIO/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Clean-0.07 - 20 Aug 2012 11:22:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run::Clean - execute a command of the distribution on 'dzil clean'

This plugin executes the specified command(s) when cleaning the distribution....

ETHER/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Run-0.043 - 15 Feb 2016 04:21:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::ShareDir::Clean - Delete current per-dist share dir before install

WARNING: This plugin will add a code in Makefile.PL to *DELETE* (rm -rf) a directory in the installation target, which might have severe consequences. Don't use this plugin unless you know exactly what you're doing. This plugin is an alternative to u...

PERLANCAR/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ShareDir-Clean-0.05 - 07 Jun 2016 18:07:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PrereqsClean - Automatically cleans up the mess from other Prereq modules

Ever notice that it's really easy to figure out if a module's author used Dist::Zilla by the amount of dependencies? strict? warnings? base? Every module for Foo::Bar::*, individually listed? Well, now you can clean up that junk. PrereqsClean will fi...

BBYRD/Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Prereqs-0.93 - 02 May 2014 02:17:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::CleanNamespaces - Generate a test to check that all namespaces are clean

This is a Dist::Zilla plugin that runs at the gather files stage, providing a test file (configurable, defaulting to xt/author/clean-namespaces.t). This test will scan all modules in your distribution and check that their namespaces are "clean" -- th...

ETHER/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-CleanNamespaces-0.006 - 30 Aug 2014 01:34:54 GMT - Search in distribution

pause - A CLI for PAUSE

PERLANCAR/App-pause-0.55 - 02 Jun 2016 06:43:05 GMT - Search in distribution

gitbunch - Manage gitbunch directory (directory which contain git repos)

PERLANCAR/Git-Bunch-0.55 - 18 Jun 2016 11:24:21 GMT - Search in distribution

FFI::Platypus - Write Perl bindings to non-Perl libraries with FFI. No XS required.

Platypus is a library for creating interfaces to machine code libraries written in languages like C, C++, Fortran, Rust, Pascal. Essentially anything that gets compiled into machine code. This implementation uses "libffi" to accomplish this task. "li...

PLICEASE/FFI-Platypus-0.45   (1 review) - 24 Oct 2016 12:02:04 GMT - Search in distribution

pdrutil-multi - Collection of utilities for perl dist repos

EARLY RELEASE. SOME THINGS ARE NOT YET IMPLEMENTED. This utility operates multiple Perl distribution repositories. To use this utility, first create a configuration "~/pdrutil-multi.conf" containing at the very least something like: repos = !paths ~/...

PERLANCAR/App-PDRUtils-0.07 - 07 Oct 2016 08:18:17 GMT - Search in distribution

pause-unpacked - A CLI for PAUSE

PERLANCAR/App-pause-Unpacked-0.48 - 02 Jun 2016 06:43:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Module::Install - Standalone, extensible Perl module installer

Module::Install is a package for writing installers for CPAN (or CPAN-like) distributions that are clean, simple, minimalist, act in a strictly correct manner with ExtUtils::MakeMaker, and will run on any Perl installation version 5.005 or newer. The...

ETHER/Module-Install-1.17   (7 reviews) - 24 Oct 2016 02:01:47 GMT - Search in distribution

pause-fatpacked - A CLI for PAUSE

PERLANCAR/App-pause-FatPacked-0.52 - 17 Jan 2016 09:37:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Perl::Critic - Use Perl::Critic in test programs

Test::Perl::Critic wraps the Perl::Critic engine in a convenient subroutine suitable for test programs written using the Test::More framework. This makes it easy to integrate coding-standards enforcement into the build process. For ultimate convenien...

THALJEF/Test-Perl-Critic-1.03 - 03 Feb 2015 18:45:55 GMT - Search in distribution

CPAN::Local::Manual - How to assemble your custom repository

PSHANGOV/CPAN-Local-0.010 - 12 Dec 2012 18:24:59 GMT - Search in distribution

namespace::autoclean - Keep imports out of your namespace

When you import a function into a Perl package, it will naturally also be available as a method. The "namespace::autoclean" pragma will remove all imported symbols at the end of the current package's compile cycle. Functions called in the package its...

ETHER/namespace-autoclean-0.28   (3 reviews) - 13 Oct 2015 01:27:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::JSAN - a plugin for Dist::Zilla for building JSAN distributions

This is a plugin for distribution-management tool Dist::Zilla. It greatly simplifies the release process, allowing you to focus on the code itself....

NPLATONOV/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-JSAN-0.06 - 15 Jul 2011 15:09:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::CleanNamespaces - Check for uncleaned imports

This module lets you check your module's namespaces for imported functions you might have forgotten to remove with namespace::autoclean or namespace::clean and are therefore available to be called as methods, which usually isn't want you want....

ETHER/Test-CleanNamespaces-0.22 - 19 Aug 2016 03:47:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::RPM - Build an RPM from your Dist::Zilla release

This plugin is a Releaser for Dist::Zilla that builds an RPM of your distribution....

SKYSYMBOL/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-RPM-0.013 - 27 May 2016 19:33:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git - update your git repository after release

This set of plugins for Dist::Zilla can do interesting things for module authors using Git (<http://git-scm.com>) to track their work. You need Git 1.5.4 or later to use these plugins. Some plugins require a more recent version of Git for certain fea...

ETHER/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Git-2.039 - 25 May 2016 04:20:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::Cpanel::Internal - These modules are used for internal cPanel development.

This package includes all of the needed CPAN modules for cPanel & WHM development by cPanel. They are not necessarily needed for anything on a cPanel & WHM installation, but you may find them helpful during your own perl development. The first two nu...

CPANEL/Task-Cpanel-Internal-11.36.001 - 19 Jul 2012 16:05:39 GMT - Search in distribution