Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Keywords - Add keywords to metadata in your distribution ++

This plugin adds metadata to your distribution under the "keywords" field. The CPAN meta specification defines this field as: A List of keywords that describe this distribution. Keywords must not include whitespace. CONFIGURATION OPTIONS "keyword", "...

ETHER/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Keywords-0.006 - 16 Aug 2014 02:50:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::FileKeywords - expand $$Keywords$$ in your files. ++

This plugin is a file_munger. It processes a list of files (by default all files in the distribution) and replaces all occurances of known keywords with their expansions. It does this is in a manner similar to how Subversion manages keywords. In part...

SWESTRUP/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-FileKeywords-0.02 - 13 Feb 2013 17:40:18 GMT - Search in distribution

norepeat - Run commands, but not repeatedly ++

"norepeat" allows you to avoid repeat execution of the same command. You can customize the key (which command are considered the same, the default is the whole command), the repeat period, and some other stuffs. It works simply by recording the keys ...

PERLANCAR/App-norepeat-0.04 - 07 Oct 2014 15:00:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Inline::Module::Tutorial - Make "XS" modules for CPAN. The easy way! 9 ++
INGY/Inline-Module-0.34 - 17 Feb 2015 15:18:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Inline - Create test files from inline tests in POD sections 1 ++

This plugin integrates Test::Inline into "Dist::Zilla". It scans all non-binary files in the lib path of your distribution for inline tests in POD sections that are embedded between the keywords =begin testing ... =end testing These tests are then ex...

MAXHQ/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-Inline-0.011005 - 03 Feb 2015 15:26:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::InlineModule - Dist::Zilla Plugin for Inline::Module 1 ++

This module provides support for Inline::Module in Dist::Zilla. KEYWORDS "module" A module in "lib" that uses Inline code. You can specify this keyword multiple times. "stub" An Inline::Module *stub* module. You can specify this keyword multiple time...

INGY/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-InlineModule-0.07 - 02 Jan 2015 17:36:07 GMT - Search in distribution

Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::ETHER - A plugin bundle for distributions built by ETHER 1 ++

This is a Dist::Zilla plugin bundle. It is *very approximately* equal to the following dist.ini (following the preamble), minus some optimizations: ;;; VersionProvider [RewriteVersion::Transitional] :version = 0.004 fallback_version_provider = Git::N...

ETHER/Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-ETHER-0.091 - 28 Mar 2015 05:11:22 GMT - Search in distribution