DocSet - documentation projects builder in HTML, PS and PDF formats ++

This package builds a docset from sources in different formats. The generated documents can be all nicely interlinked and to have the same look and feel. Currently it knows to handle input formats: * POD * HTML and knows to generate: * HTML * PS * PD...

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Zeal::Docset - Class representing a Dash/Zeal docset ++

Dash is an offline API documentation browser. Zeal::Docset is a class representing a Dash/Zeal docset. Available methods: Zeal::Docset->new(*$path*) Create a Zeal::Docset object from a given docset. *$path* should be the path to a something.docset di...

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  • Zeal - Read and query Dash/Zeal docsets
  • Zeal::Feed - Class representing a Dash/Zeal documentation feed
  • Zeal::Document - Class representing a Dash/Zeal document

pwhich - Perl-only `which' 10 ++

The pwhich bundled with File-Which is deprecated It will be removed from File-Which, but not before April 30, 2015 Please install App::pwhich instead `pwhich' is a command-line utility program for finding paths to other programs based on the user's "...

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  • File::Which - Portable implementation of the `which' utility

HTML::HTML5::DOM - implementation of the HTML5 DOM on top of XML::LibXML ++

HTML::HTML5::DOM is a layer on top of XML::LibXML which provides a number of additional classes and methods for elements. Because it wraps almost every XML::LibXML method, it is not as fast as using XML::LibXML directly (which is an XS module), but i...

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perl56delta - what's new for perl v5.6.0 243 ++

This document describes differences between the 5.005 release and the 5.6.0 release....

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