Email::AddressParser - RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation

This class is a near drop-in replacement for the regex parsing of Email::Address, which has serious issues for production use (exponential to infinite computation time in some cases). It uses code from Mark Crispin's c-client library to implement the...

AWKAY/Email-AddressParser-0.04 - 27 Mar 2007 17:41:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Email::Address::XS - Parse and format RFC 2822 email addresses and groups

This module implements RFC 2822 <> parser and formatter of email addresses and groups. It parses an input string from email headers which contain a list of email addresses or a groups of email addresses (like From, ...

PALI/Email-Address-XS-1.00 - 18 Feb 2017 14:58:41 GMT - Search in distribution

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